Wisdomise AI Launches:  Your AI-powered Crypto Coach Arrives

ChainGPT, a leader in blockchain AI, is launching Wisdomise AI, an AI-powered crypto advisor and investment assistant. This platform leverages advanced AI algorithms to guide users through the complexities of digital asset trading. 

Wisdomise AI Gears Up for  $20 Million IDO

Wisdomise AI is preparing for its initial dex offering (IDO) with a target valuation of  $20 million. This funding will fuel the development of their platform and empower users to make informed crypto  investment decisions. 

ChainGPT: Beyond Crypto with  AI-powered Chatbots and News

ChainGPT utilizes language learning models (LLMs) to create not just Wisdomise AI, but also AI-powered chatbots and news aggregators. Their success is evident in their impressive $236 million valuation. 

KIP Protocol and Aethir Join Forces to Accelerate AI Development

KIP Protocol, a key player in web3 infrastructure, has partnered with Aethir, a leader in GPU cloud infrastructure. This collaboration aims to supercharge AI development on both their networks by providing KIP with access to Aethir's vast computing resources. 

KIP Protocol Unlocks the Power of AI with KnowledgeFi and dRAG

KIP Protocol brings unique tools to the table: KnowledgeFi, a revolutionary monetization system, and dRAG, a framework that allows AI models to gather information dynamically based on user prompts. Partnering with Aethir strengthens these functionalities. 

A New Powerhouse Emerges:  The Artificial Superintelligence Alliance 

The crypto AI landscape is witnessing a major development with the formation of the Artificial Superintelligence Alliance (ASI) by SingularityNet, Fetch.ai, and Ocean Protocol. This powerhouse boasts a combined value of $7.5 billion. 

ASI Charts a Course for the Future of AI 

The ASI has ambitious plans to shape the future of AI. They're focusing on deploying AI agents in commercial settings, developing advanced neural symbolic language learning models, and facilitating AI data sharing and utilization. 

ASI Prioritizes Real-World  Applications of AI 

The ASI isn't just about theoretical advancements. Their focus is on creating practical AI applications that can be used in various industries, aiming to bridge the gap between theory and real-world implementation. 

Crypto AI Boom Attracts Scammers: Be Alert! 

The surging popularity of crypto AI has unfortunately attracted malicious actors. Investors need to be cautious and conduct thorough research before investing in any project to avoid falling victim to scams. 

$1.27 Million Scam Highlights Importance of Security in Crypto AI 

A recent security breach involving the Genius Crypto Token (GNUS.ai) serves as a stark reminder for investors to prioritize security in the crypto AI space. This incident emphasizes the importance of vigilance and responsible investment practices.