23 April, 2024

Aave Overtakes MakerDAO as the Second-Largest DeFi Protocol in TVL

17 Jul, 2023

10 Apr, 2024

In a significant development within the decentralized finance (DeFi) landscape, Aave has surpassed MakerDAO to claim the position of the second-largest DeFi protocol based on the total value locked (TVL). According to data from DefiLlama, a DeFi TVL aggregator that strives to provide accurate and reliable data Aave’s TVL has exceeded that of MakerDAO, causing a reshuffling in the rankings of the top DeFi projects.

Source: DefiLlama

The decline in MakerDAO’s TVL over the past few months has played a significant role in this shift, causing MakerDAO to fall to the third position from its early second place in DefiLlama’s rankings. However, recent events such as the collapse of Silicon Valley Bank (SVB) and the de-pegging of stablecoins USDC and DAI from the U.S. dollar have further amplified this trend. As a result, MakerDAO experienced a significant decrease in its TVL, losing its position to Aave.

Since the bankruptcy of SVB on March 10, the total value of MakerDAO’s TVL has witnessed a 15% decline. This decline could be attributed to multiple factors, including the loss of parity between USDC and DAI stablecoins and the subsequent fall in DAI supply rates. Maker’s TVL stands at $5.558 billion at the time of writing, representing a 1.21% decrease in the past seven days.

On the other hand, Aave’s TVL currently amounts to $5.988 billion, solidifying its position as the new second-largest DeFi protocol. Despite a 2.17% decrease in TVL within a day, Aave’s performance has been remarkable. With a 24-hour price decrease of 4.04%, Aave’s market price is currently $75.14.

The rise of Aave could be attributed to various factors, including its strong performance and adaptability within the evolving DeFi landscape. Aave’s lending protocol has attracted users seeking flexible and innovative DeFi solutions, contributing to its rapid growth. Additionally, Aave’s ability to adapt to changing market conditions and optimize its portfolio has increased revenue for the protocol in recent months.

This shift in rankings highlights the intense competition and ever-changing nature of the DeFi ecosystem. As protocols jostle for dominance and user adoption, fluctuations in TVL could profoundly impact their positions. MakerDAO and Aave exemplify the dynamic nature of DeFi, where protocols must continuously adapt and innovate to maintain their competitive edge.

The dynamic decentralized finance (DeFi) landscape also features other notable platforms. Lido Finance has emerged as a prominent player, boasting an impressive total value locked (TVL) of $14.988 billion, despite experiencing a slight 0.96% decrease in TVL over the past day.

Uniswap, a renowned decentralized exchange (DEX), secures the fourth position with a TVL of $3.83 billion, witnessing a minor 0.41% decrease in TVL. JustLend, ranking fifth, commands a TVL of $3.731 billion, with a day change of -0.65%. These platforms contribute to the competitive nature of the DeFi landscape, driving innovation and offering diverse financial solutions to users.

It remains to be seen how MakerDAO would respond to this displacement and whether it would regain its position in the future. As the DeFi wars intensify, protocols must navigate challenges, address vulnerabilities, and cater to the market’s evolving needs to stay at the forefront of decentralized finance.

In conclusion, Aave’s ascent to become the second-largest DeFi protocol by TVL, surpassing MakerDAO, highlights the ever-evolving nature of the DeFi landscape. The decline in MakerDAO’s TVL, compounded by recent market developments, has paved the way for Aave’s rise. As the DeFi sector evolves, competition among protocols would remain fierce, urging projects to innovate and adapt to maintain their positions within this rapidly growing ecosystem.


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