12 April, 2024

Adidas Originals and BAPE Break New Ground with Limited-Edition NFT Sneakers

16 Aug, 2023

29 Feb, 2024

  • Adidas Originals and BAPE unveils a limited-edition sneaker paired with a “digital twin” NFT, marking Adidas’s first NFT-driven product launch.
  • The sneakers features BAPE’s signature iconography and an NFC chip for NFT-based authentication, with only 100 pairs available.
  • The launch is part of a series of collaborations celebrating BAPE’s 30th anniversary.

Sports and fashion giant Adidas Originals and BAPE (A Bathing Ape), the well-known Japanese streetwear brand, have announced an innovative collaboration. This partnership has given birth to a limited-edition sneaker, the Triple-White Forum 84 BAPE Low, which is accompanied by a “digital twin” in the form of a Non-Fungible Token (NFT).

The official account for Adidas originals revealed the collaboration on X, stating:

The collaboration was facilitated by the Adidas /// Studio (Three Stripes Studio), marking Adidas’ entry into the world of NFTs. The auction would take place on Adidas Collect, the company’s NFT platform.

Designed with BAPE’s distinctive iconography, the sneakers showcase a shooting star motif and the metallic silver foil “A Bathing Ape” logo. The Triple-White colorway draws inspiration from a story of a “pristine laundrette” situated in a mysterious desert’s heart.

Every pair of these exclusive sneakers comes with an NFC chip embedded in the left tongue. Owners could scan this chip with a smartphone to access a certificate of authenticity based on NFT technology. Additionally, the digital twin Ethereum NFT is compatible with Adidas’ ALTS avatar project, hinting at the possibility of wearing the sneakers in virtual worlds.

The auction for the Adidas Originals x BAPE “Fresh Forum” access pass NFT would be held from August 22 to August 25, with only 100 Ethereum NFTs on offer. These NFTs corresponded to the 100 pairs of sneakers available.

Adidas’ ALT[er] Ego “Soles” holders and BAPE: (B)APETAVERSE community members received a 10% premium, boosting their bidding power. The bidding started at 0.3 ETH (approximately $550 at that time), with no cap on the maximum bid. The auction’s 100 winners would have the opportunity to exchange their tokens for the actual sneakers and digital twins from September 26, with shipping commencing in October.

This joint venture between Adidas Originals and BAPE signifies a landmark fusion of fashion with the digital domain. By providing both tangible sneakers and their virtual counterparts, the brands have ventured into uncharted territories in the fast-paced world of NFTs and the metaverse. Furthermore, this launch is part of a series of collaborations celebrating BAPE’s 30th anniversary, underlining the continued collaboration between these two fashion giants.



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