• 24 June, 2024
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AI Cryptocurrency Trends: Expert Advice on Trading Strategies

AI-driven cryptocurrencies are catching the eyes of savvy investors, with Altcoin Sherpa leading the charge on social media. In a recent X update, the well-regarded crypto strategist highlighted several digital assets, including Fetch.AI (FET), Wordcoin (WLD), and Bittensor (TAO), pinpointing the Fibonacci retracement levels of .236 and .382 as prudent initial investment markers. 

These suggestions come amidst a backdrop of significant activity within the sector, urging caution against the fear of missing out (FOMO) and advising against putting all one’s resources into a single entry point.

Altcoin Sherpa distinguishes between trading and long-term investment strategies. For trades, he advocates for careful entry at specified retracement levels, while for investments, he recommends a gradual approach. Investing incrementally and then allowing the investment to mature over time without active trading could be the right strategy as per the analyst. This approach, he notes, is critical in avoiding the potential pitfalls of market volatility.

The analyst also cautions investors to be vigilant for signs of a market top, such as erratic price movements, high trading volumes, and price spikes in both directions. Such indicators typically precede a market pullback, suggesting that a more conservative strategy may be warranted.

Despite the potential for short-term volatility, Altcoin Sherpa remains bullish on the prospects for AI-focused cryptocurrencies. He points out that leading assets in this category, like TAO and WLD, are critical to watch, as their performance could signal broader market movements. Investors are encouraged not to sideline themselves due to fears of missing initial rallies and to consider building their positions in AI-centric digital currencies.

Fetch.AI, an AI-centric lab, is pioneering a decentralized network to revolutionize machine learning through its cryptocurrency ecosystem. Recent market trends have seen FET’s value soar, with a notable increase of over 58% in the last month. This surge has placed FET’s current price at approximately $0.965, marking a 7% rise from the day before.

Worldcoin‘s market performance has experienced a downturn, with its value decreasing by 5.96% in the last 24 hours, landing its price at $7.02. Despite this dip, Worldcoin maintains a significant presence in the crypto market, holding the 81st spot on CoinMarketCap with a market capitalization of around $922.3 million and a circulating supply of 131,348,583 WLD coins out of a potential 10 billion.

Bittensor, endorsed by Polychain, showcases a different trajectory, with its TAO token witnessing an exponential growth of 149% over the past month, attributed to heightened AI interest and an upcoming airdrop. Nevertheless, TAO has seen a minor retracement of 5% in the past day, trading at $610. Despite this slight pullback, its market capitalization stands strong at $3.9 billion, securing the 204th position on CoinMarketCap.

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