• 23 July, 2024
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Analyst Unveils Dogecoin’s Historical Price Movements and Breakout Points

Dogecoin has recently gained attention for its notable chart structure, which points to a shift from a bearish to a bullish phase. Despite past perceptions of insignificance, it’s now drawing increased interest in the cryptocurrency market, as highlighted by JD, a renowned crypto analyst. He emphasized the need for informed, strategic investments rather than impulsive, hype-driven decisions. 


Furthermore, his chart analysis, with a monthly time frame, shed light on Dogecoin’s historical price movements. Significantly, two major breakout points, highlighted by yellow arrows, capture the investor’s attention. These pivotal moments occur after the price crosses a downward trendline, signaling a potential trend reversal.

Moreover, the chart incorporates the MACD (Moving Average Convergence Divergence), a vital indicator below the main chart that serves as a trend-following momentum barometer. It details the relationship between two moving averages of Dogecoin’s price. Notably, the chart identifies two instances labeled “BULLISH CROSS”. These points likely indicate where the MACD line surpasses the signal line. Additionally, it suggests a bullish momentum ahead. The MACD bullish cross and Green Histogram further bolster this outlook.

Below the MACD, the ASO (Absolute Strength Oscillator) finds its place. Like the MACD, this momentum indicator is marked with bullish crosses on the chart. These crosses denote shifts from bearish to bullish momentum. The analysis draws upon historical references. It details significant price increases following similar bullish signals in the past. For instance, occurrences like “62x in 275 days after” and “370x in 181 days after” are noteworthy. Besides, the analysis speculates on another potential breakout, underscored by an upward-pointing yellow arrow.

The 2024 label with an upward arrow suggests an anticipated bullish breakout. This prediction bases itself on the historical pattern and the technical indicators’ current setup. Furthermore, the chart’s “FACTS” section lists three conditions precedent for a parabolic price move. These include the MACD bullish cross and Green Histogram, the ASO cross, and the price breakout of a multi-year trendline.

Specific price levels on the chart’s right side suggest potential resistance or target levels. Time annotations like “BULLISH CROSS!” with corresponding dates highlight significant Dogecoin price history events. An annotation for 2025, connected with a dashed line to the ASO circle, hints at another bullish cross prediction. Consequently, with Dogecoin’s current price at $0.082634, the crypto market watches keenly.

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