• 26 May, 2024
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Analyst Unveils Stark Profit Disparities Among Bitcoin Cohorts: Report

Ki Young Ju, the Founder and CEO of the analytical platform CryptoQuant, shared valuable insights into the unrealized profits of various Bitcoin cohorts. His analysis provides a unique perspective on how different groups within the Bitcoin community are performing financially in the current market cycle.

In a recent X post, Young Ju highlighted that old whales have seen an impressive increase in unrealized profits, amounting to 223%. This significant figure highlights the substantial financial gains that long-term holders could potentially realize if they decided to sell their assets at the current market prices.

In contrast, the newer entrants into the Bitcoin market, categorized as new whales, which include traditional financial institutions and Exchange-Traded Funds (ETFs), have experienced a modest increase in unrealized profits, standing at only 1.6%. This suggests that these newer players, despite their financial clout, have not yet seen substantial returns from their investments in Bitcoin.

The analysis also sheds light on smaller miners, a group often overlooked in broader market discussions. These individuals or small companies engaged in Bitcoin mining have seen their unrealized profits grow by 131%. This growth indicates a healthy return on investment for these smaller players, who typically operate with thinner margins and more immediate financial pressures than larger corporations.

Larger mining companies, referred to in the analysis as big miners, have also enjoyed an increase in unrealized profits, though at a lower rate of 81% compared to their smaller counterparts. This suggests that while profitable, large-scale mining operations may not be as agile or responsive to market fluctuations as smaller miners.

Source: Image by Ki Young Ju

Ju’s analysis concludes cautiously, suggesting that the current levels of unrealized profits across these cohorts are not sufficient to indicate the end of the current market cycle. This insight implies that there may still be room for growth or adjustment before a significant market shift occurs.

Overall, Ki Young Ju’s insights breakdown offers a comprehensive look at the financial health of different Bitcoin stakeholders. His expertise and use of on-chain data to gauge unrealized profits provide valuable insights for investors and market analysts looking to understand the dynamics in the Bitcoin ecosystem.

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