21 April, 2024

Apecoin Leads with a 70.73% YTD Decline in 2023’s Cryptocurrency Market

06 Oct, 2023

03 Feb, 2024

  • Apecoin (APE) leads with a massive 70.73% YTD decline, underlining the crypto market’s 2023 volatility.
  • Terra Classic (LUNC) follows closely, down 60.68% YTD, as crypto projects face investor scrutiny.
  • Trust Wallet Token (TWT) highlights wallet project challenges with a 36.92% YTD drop.

In the changing world of cryptocurrencies, 2023 has been characterized by price changes and a volatile market. As the end of the year approaches, it becomes more crucial to analyze the 10 cryptocurrencies among the Top 100 that have witnessed declines in their Year To Date (YTD) performance, according to CryptoBusy,  a technical and market analyst. 

Leading this bearish journey is Apecoin (APE), which has seen a staggering YTD drop of 70.73%. Currently trading at $1.13, ApeCoin has faced a 0.45% dip in the past 24 hours and a notable 4.08% decrease over the week. With a circulating supply of 370 million APE tokens, its market capitalization stands at $415.5M.

Following closely behind is Terra Classic (LUNC), which has endured a YTD decrease of 60.68%. Currently trading at $0.000059 per LUNC/USD, it maintains a market cap of $340.28 million USD. Over the past 24 hours, it has managed a modest 0.08% gain, boasting a circulating supply of 5,805.72 billion LUNC tokens.

Huobi Token (HT), the native cryptocurrency of the Huobi exchange, has recorded a YTD decrease of 53.67%. Over the previous week, HT’s USD price exhibited fluctuations, oscillating between highs of $2.41 and lows of $2.36. The most significant 24-hour price movement occurred four days ago when it declined by -$0.03166699 (-1.3%).

Algorand (ALGO), trading at $0.09882, is known for its scalability and security and has encountered a 44.13% reduction in its YTD returns, influenced by ever-shifting market dynamics and investor sentiment. Chiliz (CHZ), with a price of $0.060389, is a project devoted to the tokenization of sports and entertainment and grapples with a YTD loss of 39.95%, prompting reflection on the long-term potential of such tokens.

BitTorrent (New) (BTT) has navigated a YTD decrease of 38.27%, inviting discussions about the adoption and adaptation of decentralized file-sharing platforms. BitTorrent’s price currently is $0.000108, having a 24-hour trading volume of $2,688.86.

Trust Wallet Token (TWT), with a price of $0.909630, is a vital component within the Trust Wallet ecosystem and has confronted a 36.92% devaluation in YTD value. This serves as a reminder of the challenges wallet projects encounter within an intensely competitive market.

Arweave (AR), a blockchain-based data storage solution, has faced a YTD decline of 36.23%, underlining the necessity for projects like Arweave to demonstrate their utility over time . Arweave’s price is $4.01, with a trading volume of $4.6M over the past 24 hours. Dash ($DASH), currently trading at  $27.18, is renowned for its swift and cost-effective transactions and contends with a YTD value reduction of 34.91%, underscoring the importance of innovation in the cryptocurrency sector. EOS (EOS), trading at  $0.573358, is designed for decentralized applications and navigates a YTD decline of 34.64%, emphasizing the imperative for projects like EOS to adapt to shifting market conditions. 

The cryptocurrency market of 2023 remains a realm of pronounced volatility, underscoring the need for cautious research and prudent decision-making by investors. The negative YTD returns of these top 10 coins emphasize the importance of maintaining a long-term perspective while navigating the cryptocurrency space.



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