• 15 June, 2024

Apple “Reality Pro” Live Soon, What’s Next for Metaverse Tokens?

Apple Reality Pro VR (virtual reality) headset is reportedly poised to go live in 2023. Needless to expect non-Apple ecosystem devices would be able to interact with the Apple VR headset. While competitive features are expected from Apple to thwart its rivals, an interesting question arises: What would the Apple VR Headset bring about for Metaverse tokens—a rebound?

An in-depth January 24 preview of Apple Reality Pro mixed-reality headset reportedly reveals a $3,000 price tag. Motivated to develop a 3D realm for its mobile operating system, Apple’s realm is not expected to be open on the lines of Decentraland, The Sandbox, or Somnium Space.

A couple of expected core features for incumbent Apple users are next-generation FaceTime video conferencing and meeting rooms. As for the Apple VR’s hardware expectations, the device would carry various external cameras capable of tracking hand motions. Reality Pro will also have “sensors within the gadget’s housing,” capable of using and reading eye movements.

Reportedly to be called xrOS, Apple Reality Pro’s operating system is internally said to be called “Borealis.” A sturdy standalone headset, Apple Reality Pro is anticipated to superimpose digital imagery and data, whilst also handling immersive VR experiences.

Apple CEO Tim Cook is reported to have mixed views regarding the Metaverse but is optimistic about augmented reality. Also, Apple’s software ecosystem is a “walled garden,” not in consonance with the Web3 metaverse notion. While the Apple Reality Pro headset is set to launch in spring, it will start shipping in the fall.

Forecasted predictions reveal the VR/AR market to amass a size of $451 billion by 2030. As per reports, the Apple headset could ship with a battery pack capable of being attached, and using the Mac’s M2 processors. Reality Pro might also have adjustable motorized lenses.

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