02 March, 2024

Aptos Token Unlock Set for February 11: Stakeholders Brace for Impact

4 weeks ago

05 Feb, 2024

  • Aptos gears up for a significant unlock event on February 11, releasing 24.84M tokens, 7.34% of its supply, reshaping market dynamics.
  • Strategic allocations for Aptos unlock highlight commitment to core contributors, investors, and community with diverse benefits.
  • APT’s upcoming unlock and price trends reflect an evolving tokenomics landscape, sparking anticipation in the crypto market.

In a development for the crypto community, Aptos ($APT) is gearing up for a substantial token unlock event slated for February 11, 2024. This event will see 24.84 million tokens, valued at approximately $228.5 million, becoming accessible. This figure represents 7.34% of the circulating supply, marking a pivotal moment for the token’s market dynamics as spotlighted via tweet update by Token unlocks, a tokenomics insight platform.

The allocations for this unlock are diverse, encompassing various stakeholders within the Aptos ecosystem. Core contributors stand to gain the most, with $109.25 million allocated. Investors are not far behind, with $77.50 million earmarked for them. Additionally, the community and foundation allocations amount to $29.50 million and $12.25 million, respectively. This strategic distribution underscores the project’s commitment to its foundational pillars and the broader community.

Moreover, the investor and core contributors’ sections are particularly noteworthy. They experienced a 70.75% surge following a cliff unlock. This trend could foreshadow the market’s reaction to the upcoming unlocks. Both sections have unlocks scheduled until October 2026, adding a layer of anticipation to the token’s long-term trajectory. However, it’s important to note that the core contributors’ share will halve starting May 2024, introducing a new dynamic to the token’s distribution.

Per the present financial updates, the trading price of Aptos is at $9.053968. A market cap of $3.06 billion indicates robust market health. Its 24-hour trading volume has reached $96.87 million, showcasing active trading sessions. Aptos has experienced a slight uptick of 0.97% in the past day amidst a circulating supply of 338.52 million tokens. This movement reflects a steady yet optimistic market sentiment.

APT price chart  Source: Binance

This upcoming token unlock event is more than just a numerical adjustment; it’s a testament to the changing landscape of tokenomics within the Aptos ecosystem. These developments could significantly influence the token’s market positioning and valuation. Hence, as the unlock date approaches, the anticipation within the cryptocurrency market continues to build, highlighting this sector’s dynamic and ever-evolving nature.



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