25 April, 2024

Arkham Intel Exchange Gains Traction with 11 Unique Submissions Since Launch

22 Jul, 2023

30 Oct, 2023

  • Arkham Intel Exchange sparks debate over privacy and transparency in crypto.
  • The platform hosts 32 active bounties, costing an average of $3,677.
  • CEO Miguel Morel defends Arkham’s operations amidst privacy concerns.

The Arkham Intel Exchange, a pioneering marketplace for trading cryptocurrency intelligence, has made a promising start with 11 unique submissions since its inception on July 10. The platform, which encourages users to reveal the identities behind anonymous blockchain addresses, has been central to a significant debate within the cryptocurrency community.

The marketplace currently hosts 32 active bounties, seven posted by Tron DAO, while the majority are from Arkham Admin. The average bounty value is 5,931 ARKM, the platform’s native token, equivalent to $3,677. However, over 72% of the bounties are worth 1,000 ARKM. The bounties range from identifying the public address of Tesla CEO Elon Musk to attributing addresses that belong to Bitwise, a prominent crypto asset manager with over $1 billion in assets under management.

The two most significant bounties, worth approximately 100,000 ARKM and 50,000 ARKM, respectively, are centered around identifying addresses that exploited FTX during its collapse and hacked crypto trading firm Wintermute. Another notable submission is for a bounty worth 1,500 ARKM, which seeks to identify an address owned by MicroStrategy (MSTR) with over 10,000 BTC volume.

Despite the limited number of buyers requesting on-chain intelligence, all submissions come from unique addresses, indicating a diverse user base. Arkham’s CEO, Miguel Morel, recently defended the platform’s operations amidst a public-relations storm, arguing that a lack of privacy is inherent to how most blockchains operate today.

The ARKM token has seen a 13% decrease to 65 cents since its debut. Despite the controversy, Morel has been vocal in addressing the criticism. Morel emphasized that Arkham’s technology is strictly for public information and is not intended to infringe on individual privacy or disclose private information.

The platform primarily serves retail traders, professional trading and market-making firms, and journalists. These users leverage Arkham for on-chain analytics and to understand the crypto market’s dynamics better. Morel reassured that user privacy is a top priority for Arkham, and the company has already implemented changes to encrypt and salt referral links.

Arkham’s market performance continues to be strong despite the controversy that is still going on. According to the most recent available information, the current price of Arkham is 0.629414 USD, and the 24-hour trading volume is $62,891,564. During the past twenty-four hours, Arkham’s market capitalization has increased by 4.09%, reaching a current level of $94,412,093.


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