02 March, 2024

Bad Idea AI Unveils Updated Chatbot as SHIB Community Sees High SHIB Burn Rate

1 month ago

30 Jan, 2024

  • BAD AI releases v4.2, enhancing performance, introducing custom nodes, and focusing on knowledge accuracy.
  • SHIB warns against potential scams involving BAD and Shibarium, clarifying no current bridge.
  • The community boosts SHIB burn rate by 1,343.90%, locking up 61,235,837 coins permanently.

In a recent X page announcement, SHIB partner Bad Idea AI (BAD) revealed the release of version 4.2 of its AI chatbot. The update boasts performance enhancements, introduces custom nodes, and focuses on an “improved accuracy of knowledge matching.”

Launched on the “Shibarium Tech” Telegram channel in collaboration with the Shiba Inu developer team led by Shytoshi Kusama, the BAD AI bot aids users in analyzing market trends and predicting trading outcomes. 

The bot aimed to democratize access to AI technologies and eliminate geographical restrictions. Additionally, it sought to assist Shibarium projects with limited technical resources by providing access to AI capabilities and promoting public exposure.

However, concerns have surfaced recently. The SHIB team issued a warning, particularly regarding potential scams related to BAD and Shibarium. Lucie, SHIB’s official marketing lead, cautioned the community on X against falling for false claims linking BAD with Shibarium. She emphasized that BAD has not been bridged with Shibarium yet and urged caution when dealing with websites promising “BAD token on Shibarium.”

On a separate note, the SHIB community has significantly increased the burn rate of SHIB meme coins over the past 24 hours. According to the Shibburn wallet tracker, collaborative efforts have led to the permanent lockup of 61,235,837 Shiba Inu coins in unspendable blockchain wallets. This remarkable progress represents a staggering 1,343.90% increase in the burn rate, as per Shibburn data.

The three largest burn transactions, involving 27,218,290, 21,786,492, and 10,000,000 SHIB, were executed by an unknown SHIB burner, with the first two transactions attributed to the same entity. The SHIB community’s commitment to reducing the circulating supply of SHIB coins is evident in these notable burn achievements.

Artificial intelligence (AI) and real-world assets are rapidly becoming crucial market influencers in the cryptocurrency industry. According to a recent analysis by Santiment platform, these subjects are expected to be major drivers in the crypto market. This is supported by their growing popularity over the past six months.



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