25 April, 2024

Binance Labs Leads Private Round II for GoPlus Security

08 Dec, 2022

22 Nov, 2023

Binance Labs, the venture capital arm of the largest cryptocurrency exchange Binance, is leading a private round II for GoPlus Security. The funding will be used to develop security data further, build a security service marketplace, and attract top talent to help build a truly decentralized security platform.

GoPlus Security is a leading Web3 security infrastructure provider that covers the majority of the major blockchain networks with multidimensional risk detection to build a safer Web3 environment by providing open, permissionless, user-driven security services.

Security is foundational to the ever-growing Web3 ecosystem and community. By supporting consumer-facing solutions like Goplus Security, we hope to see how security services to end users can evolve and prosper.

says Yi He, Co-Founder of Binance and Head of Binance Labs.

According to the announcement, GoPlus Security has developed a real-time, dynamic, and automated security detection platform that covers token, NFT, malicious address, approval security, contract security, and dApp security.

GoPlus Security is currently the most significant security data provider on 13 chains, with over 2 million data calls per day, and it is also preparing to launch a security service marketplace at the end of 2022.

GoPlus Security team has three main objectives to proceed with the next stage of development, further expansion of the coverage of GoPlus Security API, building the security service platform and security service marketplace, and building a decentralized security infrastructure,

Eskil, Co-Founder of GoPlus Security said.

“The team is at the stage to onboard 20 different types of security services and solutions, and to decentralize the security service even more by using the modular blockchain or ZKP technology. We are happy to be with Binance Labs in this journey.” He added,

Binance announced an industry recovery fund in November to assist potentially strong projects that are experiencing liquidity issues followed by the FTX collapse. The venture capital arm has also made a strategic investment in Belgian hardware wallet firm Ngrave and will lead its upcoming Series A round.


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