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Bitcoin and Ethereum Enter Quiet Phase Amid SEC Delays and ETF Hope: Report

The cryptocurrency market has experienced a notable calm, particularly impacting major players Bitcoin (BTC)and Ethereum (ETH). While these currencies are usually subject to drastic price changes, the last few weeks have significantly reduced their volatility and trading volumes. This shift suggests a period of stagnation, marking a stark contrast to their typically dynamic market behaviour.

Despite the common strategy of accumulating long positions during consolidation phases, most traders have adopted a bearish outlook on Bitcoin and Ethereum. This sentiment is largely influenced by expectations of further delays in the approval of a spot Ethereum ETF by the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC). The market’s apprehension is underscored by the pronounced negative skew in Ethereum’s risk reversals, which now stand at -13% in front-month contracts. 

Source: Image by QCP Broadcast

According to data from Coinglass, a well-known analytical platform, the market dynamics have changed recently. The data shows that the percentage of short positions on Bitcoin has increased from 49% to 54% in just one day. This indicates that more investors are becoming pessimistic about the short-term prospects of cryptocurrencies due to regulatory uncertainties.

Source: Coinglass

However, a potential turning point could be on the horizon with the planned launch of Hong Kong-based spot ETFs for both Bitcoin and Ethereum. This development is anticipated to attract institutional capital from Asia, potentially revitalizing the market and alleviating some of the bearish pressures.

Renowned analytical platform Santiment revealed that the recent market trends have shown that the price movements of Bitcoin and Ethereum are highly correlated. Both cryptocurrencies have undergone corrections recently, adding to the prevalent bearish sentiment. Additionally, the velocity at which these currencies have been traded has decreased, indicating a slowdown in market activity.

Source: Image by Santiment

On a more positive note, the Market Value to Realized Value (MVRV) ratio for both Bitcoin and Ethereum has increased. This suggests that the majority of addresses holding these coins are currently in a profitable position. Furthermore, there has been a notable rise in the Long/Short difference, signaling an increase in the number of long-term holders of these cryptocurrencies.

Source: Image by Santiment

As the market waits for the upcoming ETF launches and monitors regulatory developments, the overall sentiment remains cautious. Investors and traders are keeping a close watch, ready to adjust their strategies based on new information and market shifts. The next few weeks could be crucial in determining the future trajectory of both Bitcoin and Ethereum in this unusually quiet market phase.

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