• 28 May, 2024
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Bitcoin Dips Below $70K: Altcoins AVAX, FTM, SOL Shine Amid Correction Phase

The cryptocurrency landscape has once again showcased its volatile nature, as noted by Michaël van de Poppe, the esteemed CEO and founder of MN Trading Consultancy. In a recent analysis shared on X post, van de Poppe pointed out a notable bearish divergence in Bitcoin’s trajectory, marking a period of correction for the leading digital currency. 

This observation was quickly followed by a significant uptick in activity within the ecosystems of alternative coins, specifically AVAX, FTM, and SOL, which experienced considerable growth. This shift in the market dynamics underscores the resilience and potential of altcoins, as emphasized by van de Poppe. 

The leading cryptocurrency, Bitcoin, recently experienced a notable dip below the $70,000 mark following a minor market correction. As of the reporting time, Bitcoin stands at $67,423, marking a modest rebound of 0.25%. In contrast, Avalanche has witnessed a remarkable upturn, climbing over 11% in the last day. This surge has propelled its price to $61.74, surpassing the $60 threshold in today’s trading session.

Fantom (FTM), as of the reporting time, holds the 55th spot on the coin market cap, showcasing a significant performance boost, and ascending by 12% within the past 24 hours. Its trading price has reached $0.9005, positioning it as one of the day’s top performers. Meanwhile, Solana has shattered expectations by breaching the $200 barrier and setting new records. Presently, Solana’s price hovers at $202, following a staggering 36% increase in the last 24 hours.

The cryptocurrency market is witnessing significant volatility. Technical analysts have been closely monitoring the price movements of Bitcoin, which recently faced a bearish divergence, suggesting potential downward pressure on its price. Despite this, a bearish rejection at the $72,000 area was also noted, indicating resistance to further upward trends.

Michaël van de Poppe is eyeing a primary support area for Bitcoin, which, if the digital currency fails to break above the critical $70,300 mark, may indicate where its price could potentially stabilize. This correction follows a substantial climb in Bitcoin’s value over the past month, where the digital asset saw impressive gains. Traders and investors are advised to keep a close watch on the $62,786 to $68,420 range as the market decides its next move. 

Van de Poppe’s analysis serves as a critical reminder of the importance of vigilance and strategic agility within the cryptocurrency market. As Bitcoin experiences a phase of correction, the subsequent rise in altcoin ecosystems like AVAX, FTM, and SOL presents new avenues for growth and investment. 

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