• 30 May, 2024
Market News

Bitcoin Funding Rates Fluctuate on dYdX and Deribit Platforms

The crypto market is observing a nuanced shift in the funding rates on platforms such as dYdX and Deribit, alongside fluctuations in Bitcoin’s price. Notably, as of May 12, 2024, Bitcoin’s value stands at $61,903, reflecting a slight decrease of 1.75% in the past 24 hours and a 2.88% decline over the last week. These movements mark a critical phase for traders, with potential implications for market sentiment and investor strategies.

Analysis from the market intelligence platform Santiment highlights the correlation between funding rates and market trends. The data from exchanges dYdX and Deribit shows varied funding rates, with colors indicating bullish or bearish sentiment during different periods. 

Notably, a surge in positive funding rates suggests an increase in bullish behavior, whereas negative rates indicate growing bearish sentiments. A specific incident around May 5 saw minor Bitcoin long liquidations, triggered by a short-lived price rise, hinting at traders’ quick reactions to profit from or mitigate losses in volatile conditions.

The Santiment report draws attention to the recent rise in funding rates and its potential to echo past market behaviors. Traders are advised to monitor these shifts closely, as an increasing bullish sentiment could lead to similar outcomes as observed in previous weeks. The annotations on the provided charts serve as a reminder for traders to watch for levels of ‘greed’ that could signal repeat scenarios in the market dynamics.

This period of observation comes as Bitcoin shows a -2.90% performance deviation from the broader global cryptocurrency market, which is down by -2.30%. Such statistics are crucial for investors gauging Bitcoin’s performance against a wider backdrop of crypto assets.

In other related developments that could have caused the downturn today, Coinbase, a major U.S.-based cryptocurrency exchange, encountered a system-wide outage, affecting transactions for numerous customers. Despite the technical issues that disrupted service delivery, Coinbase reassured users of the safety of their funds. The incident underscores the technical vulnerabilities that can impact trading activities and user confidence.

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