• 16 July, 2024

Bitcoin Halving May Trigger Short-Term ADA Drop, Then Bull Run

With the next Bitcoin halving anticipated in April 2024, historical data suggests that the significant crypto event could lead Cardano’s ADA token to fall further in price for a few months before potentially embarking on another bull run. According to analysis, ADA’s price bottomed out around two months before the previous Bitcoin halving in 2020 before surging dramatically in value soon after the event. If Cardano follows a similar pattern, its price could continue decreasing over the coming weeks before reaching a bottom and rebounding in early 2024.

Currently, ADA has declined over 4% in the last week alone. However, looking at on-chain and social metrics from late 2019, when Cardano was approaching the last halving event, whale activity, social volume, and other vital indicators mirror similar levels today, as shown in the chart below. This, per experts, implies that ADA could be set to repeat its pre-halving price action. 

Source: Santiment

According to the chart, Cardano’s 30-day Market Value to Realized Value ratio, which compares its market cap to realized cap, now ranges between -16 and 5, like in late 2019. Additionally, open interest has fallen with ADA’s recent price drop, suggesting the current downtrend may soon reverse.

While Cardano sinking lower ahead of the 2024 halving seems probable based on historical trends, nothing is guaranteed. The cryptocurrency market remains highly volatile and is also impacted by various external factors.

Still, if ADA, currently trading at $0.2477, does bottom out within the next few months and rises rapidly in early 2024 as it did during the previous halving, patient holders could be rewarded handsomely. Of course, Bitcoin’s price action would also determine whether an “altseason” ensues after its next halving. Currently priced above $25,000, Bitcoin could lift Cardano and other altcoins if it maintains strength leading into its halving, as shown in the chart below.

Source: Crypto.com

While short-term price drops for ADA seem likely, the long-term outlook remains positive, especially considering Cardano’s ongoing development and network growth. However, traders and investors should closely monitor on-chain signals, social metrics, and technical indicators to determine when ADA would bottom and potentially reverse higher.

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