21 April, 2024

Bitcoin Hitting $10k Low Is Good: Here’s Why

26 Oct, 2022

22 Nov, 2023

The cryptocurrency community has been extremely active in discussions about Bitcoin’s trajectory. Currently, Bitcoin is going through bearish trends. Many claims that Bitcoin is about to rapidly increase its trading price while others claim that BTC is yet to keep falling before reversing its course of action.

It is no secret that Bitcoin is the largest and most popular cryptocurrency. Community members believe that the trajectory of Bitcoin will determine the entire market trajectory. This is why many are looking towards Bitcoin with hopes of seeing bulls.

A crypto analyst on Twitter going by the name Plan C mentions that there is a low probability that BTC will hit the $10k mark once again. However, in the off-chance BTC trading price reaches such a low, the analyst claims that there will be a high probability of the prices being multiplied by 10 to 50 times by 2030 making it an excellent asset to invest in for long-term investors.

This tweet has encouraged many to voice their opinions on the matter. One of the top replies claims that they believe that BTC will hit the US $10k mark unexpectedly despite the majority unanimously calculating Bitcoin prices to soar. They have mentioned that even if the Bitcoin price fails to steadily increase, there is little to no probability for BTC to hit such a low.

When the historic black swan events of Celsius, 3arrows, and LUNA occurred, BTC still managed to uphold a price of US $17,500. Another analyst named Capo who had predicted the Bitcoin fall claims that BTC prices will now rise once the shorts in the market are squeezed.

Adding to this, Capo has further mentioned that Ethereum prices will also be going up with the Bitcoin prices while warning XRP holders that their tokens may face a steep fall.



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