• 16 July, 2024
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Bitcoin’s 10-Week Bull Run Faces Market Structure Hurdles, Analysts Warn

In a recent development, renowned crypto analyst CryptoBusy unveiled a pivotal revelation in cryptocurrency, shedding light on Bitcoin’s remarkable 10-week bullish streak. CryptoBusy, in an X post, hinted at the potential for sustained growth, emphasizing the market structure’s importance in upholding this unprecedented momentum.

According to the analyst, Bitcoin’s recent performance has seen a series of higher highs and higher lows, indicating an upward trend in its value. However, despite the optimism from analysts, concerns about potential market structure hurdles loom large over the prolonged bullish streak. Analysts and traders closely monitor the market dynamics and the critical support levels, acknowledging the importance of maintaining the current upward trajectory.

Source: Chart by CryptoBusy

The analyst’s insights about the need for sustained momentum suggest that it is important to maintain market activity and investment inflow to support the positive momentum of Bitcoin. The collective sentiment highlights the cautious optimism currently prevailing in cryptocurrency markets. While they acknowledge the 10-week bullish streak, they remain vigilant and cautious about market structure risks that could disrupt the current upward momentum of Bitcoin.

Crypto Tony, another respected analyst, echoed a similar outlook in a BTC update, emphasizing the significance of the $37,000 support zone. In a recent X post, Tony highlighted this price level’s critical role in maintaining bullish momentum.

Bitcoin is trading at $37,210, marking a 1.64% surge over the last 24 hours and a 0.54% uptick over the past 7 days. As BTC hovers within the $37,000 support zone, the market remains on edge, awaiting further cues to determine the cryptocurrency’s future trajectory. The sentiments expressed by analysts emphasize the delicate balance required to sustain the ongoing bullish trend amidst potential market challenges.

Source: Chart by Crypto Tony

As the week progresses, all eyes are on Bitcoin’s performance around the crucial support levels as the cryptocurrency market navigates through potential hurdles in its path toward sustained growth. With Bitcoin’s trajectory on a 10-week bullish streak, the emphasis on market structure and support zones becomes increasingly paramount, shaping the narrative for the cryptocurrency’s future trajectory.

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