• 26 May, 2024
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Bitcoin’s $64,000 Resurgence Hitting 1 Billion Transactions: What’s Next?

Bitcoin’s recovery to $64,000 level has brought new hope among investors and traders, signaling stability in the crypto market. Despite Bitcoin’s 1.06% upswing over the last 24 hours, transaction volume has dropped by a significant 7.56%, suggesting traders are adopting a cautious attitude.

The decline in leverage coupled with a decrease in the Long/Short difference poses challenges to Bitcoin’s rally. A shrinking Long/Short difference suggests a shift in favor from long-term holders to short-term traders, potentially leading to increased market volatility. Short-term holders, often characterized by their tendency to sell amidst market fluctuations, may influence Bitcoin’s price trajectory in the near term.

Despite the latest price rise, many Bitcoin holders currently stand in a situation where they lose money. Santiment data has displayed a reduction in MVRV that shows most investors are still hanging on and waiting for profitability. While this cautious approach may support Bitcoin’s short-term price movements, it underscores the importance of short-term holders’ perspective and conviction in shaping Bitcoin’s trajectory.

Source: Santiment

Amidst these market dynamics, the Bitcoin blockchain achieves a significant milestone, processing its one-billionth transaction as highlighted by Tarik Sammour, a figure in the crypto sphere. This milestone sets an example of Bitcoin’s smoothness in terms of transaction processing and thus strengthens the belief in its function as a store of value. Market experts make a similar parallel between the Bitcoin growth and the payment companies like Visa and Mastercard. They underline its unprecedented acceptance among the digital payments sector.

Founder of the Orange Pill App, Matteo Pallegrini, contrasts Bitcoin’s achievement of processing one billion transactions in 15 years with Visa’s 25-year timeline, showcasing Bitcoin’s competitive edge in the payments industry. Despite facing stiff competition from established payment companies, Bitcoin continues to demonstrate resilience and growth, fueled by institutional participation and the launch of regulated products like spot Bitcoin ETFs.

Bitcoin’s adoption rate at 4.7% now is similar to that of the internet in January 1999, as per the analysis done by Bitcoin analyst Willy Woo. This analogy conveys that Bitcoin hasn’t reached the stage of highest penetration, thus leaving a lot of opportunities for growth. The increasing demand for Bitcoin investment funds and institutional involvement creates a positive environment for the further spread of Bitcoin in the forthcoming years.

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