02 March, 2024

BlockX Unveils Exciting Rebrand and Expands Global Presence with Eight Years of Blockchain Excellence

4 weeks ago

19 Feb, 2024

BlockX, formerly known as Blockchain Expo, proudly announces an exciting rebrand as it celebrates eight years of successful events dedicated to the exploration of blockchain technology. 

BlockX is dedicated to adapting to the dynamic blockchain industry, constantly empowering users, and staying at the forefront of innovation.

BlockX, a series of cutting-edge events, has been a must-attend for Blockchain enthusiasts over the past eight years, providing a platform to evaluate the latest advancements and innovation in blockchain, cryptocurrency, NFTs, web3, and more.

Key Highlights of BlockX:

  1. Global Presence: BlockX will continue its legacy by hosting in-person events in key locations, starting with California, Amsterdam, and London. These strategic locations have been chosen based on previous years of success. With proven success to ensure a diverse and inclusive environment that fosters collaboration, knowledge sharing, and networking among industry professionals.
  2. Year-Long Series: Building on eight years of success, BlockX is set to captivate audiences throughout 2024, with additional locations to be confirmed. The year-long series aims to cater to the growing demand for high-quality blockchain events, providing attendees with unique insights, valuable connections, and exposure to the latest trends in the industry.

Event Details:

  • In-Person Events:
    • California: June 5-6, 2024
    • Amsterdam: October 1-2, 2024
    • London: TBC
    • More locations to be confirmed.

About BlockX: BlockX is a forward-thinking series of events that brings together blockchain enthusiasts, industry leaders, and innovators to explore the limitless possibilities of blockchain technology. With a rich history spanning eight years, BlockX is dedicated to delivering exceptional experiences for its participants, fostering collaboration, and driving the blockchain industry forward.

For more information about BlockX, please visit https://www.blockchain-expo.com/ 

Media Contact: Kirsty Whiting, Senior Marketing Manager, kirsty@techexevent.com  

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