25 April, 2024

BNB Rockets: Analyst Forecasts New All-Time High by Mid-2024

09 Mar, 2024

12 Mar, 2024

  • BNB’s impressive 85% surge post-wedge breakout signals a robust upward trajectory, according to crypto analyst CryptoFaibik.
  • Analysts anticipate a potential new all-time high for BNB in the first half of 2024, with the cryptocurrency maintaining momentum since the breakout.
  • BNB’s surge and the introduction of Futures NEXT showcase its resilience, earning it a significant position in the crypto market.

Binance Coin has witnessed an impressive 85% surge since breaking out of the wedge formation on its weekly chart, initiating a robust upward rally. Crypto analyst CryptoFaibik foresees a continuation of this bullish trend, projecting a new all-time high for BNB in the first half of 2024.

The breakout from the wedge formation, as identified by CryptoFaibik, has propelled BNB into a favorable trajectory, and the momentum is expected to persist. The crypto market, marked by its inherent volatility, showcases BNB’s resilience and potential for significant gains.

Besides the observed 85% surge, further insights from CryptoFaibik highlight an optimistic outlook, suggesting that BNB’s current rally is poised to extend, presenting potential lucrative opportunities for investors. This upward trajectory aligns with the broader trend in the crypto space, indicating favorable conditions for BNB’s continued growth.

Consequently, traders should closely monitor BNB’s performance, anticipating further price escalations as the cryptocurrency gears up for a potential record-breaking run. The first half of 2024 holds promising prospects, with CryptoFaibik’s analysis shedding light on a bullish outlook for BNB.

Binance’s introduction of Futures NEXT has sparked a surge in Binance Coin (BNB) prices, currently trading at $489. The platform empowers users to forecast token listings on the USDⓈ-M Futures market, offering rewards for accurate predictions.

Investors can purchase “Picks” to allocate to preferred tokens, earning Futures trading vouchers upon successful predictions. This innovative approach has likely contributed to the recent bullish momentum surrounding BNB, as traders anticipate the potential benefits presented by Futures NEXT.

The 24-hour trading volume for BNB stands impressively at $3.5 billion, reflecting substantial investor activity. Over the past day, BNB has experienced a 3.96% increase, while the last week saw a remarkable 19% surge. The coin’s value has skyrocketed by 69% in the last year, showcasing its resilience and growing prominence in the crypto landscape.

BNB/USD price chart: CoinMarketCap

Over the past month, BNB has witnessed an exceptional 51% surge, reaching a new two-year high of $475. This surge has enabled BNB to reclaim its 4th position from Solana, boasting a market cap of $73 billion and emphasizing its dynamic nature and attractiveness to investors.

BNB/USD chart: TradingView

Technical analysis indicates a long-term bullish sentiment for BNB. Both the exponential moving averages (100) and (200), along with simple moving averages, signal a buy. The Moving Average Convergence Divergence (MACD) supports this, providing a buy signal and indicating upward momentum in BNB’s price.



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