21 April, 2024

Can Bitcoin’s Value Fall by Half Next Month, Similar to What Happened in November 2018?

21 Oct, 2022

22 Nov, 2023

Many analysts believe that BTC, now at $19k, is in a similar bear market as in November 2018, when prices fell to around $6k.

The ongoing debate over the future of Bitcoin has sparked intense speculation and drawn a lot of attention in recent months. Some experts believe that the price of BTC could drop by up to 50% in the coming weeks and months, while others maintain that indicators suggest that the digital currency is poised for further growth.

Some analysts focus on these indicators to predict future price movements. In contrast, others believe that factors like public interest and awareness also play a key role in determining the market’s direction.

Despite some fluctuations in recent months, many experts believe that Bitcoin is here to stay. Whether it experiences a major price drop in the coming weeks or continues to see steady growth over the long term, BTC remains one of the most exciting and innovative cryptocurrencies today.

So while it is certainly possible that prices will remain volatile in the short term, overall, $BTC appears to be a strong investment for those willing to weather the ups and downs of the market. Investors can expect significant returns on their investments in $BTC if they have patience and a long-term outlook.

Ultimately, the bottom price target for $BTC will depend on several factors, including market trends and investor sentiment, which continue to evolve. But in general, it seems unlikely that $BTC will drop 50% from current levels soon.

What does indicators suggest about BTC?

The recent price action in bitcoin suggests that the cryptocurrency remains stuck in a bearish trading range and is unlikely to see any major gains soon. Bitcoin has failed to sustain momentum above $19,500 and is currently trading below $19,400, with technical indicators showing further downside potential. 

Source: Tradingview

A short-term breakout pattern is forming on the hourly chart with resistance near $19,200, indicating that bitcoin may struggle to break above this level and continue lower. To resume its upward momentum, BTC will need to clear the $19,500 resistance and move back above the 100-hourly simple moving average. If it fails to do so and continues to trade below $19,200, further losses are likely, and the price could drop to key support levels below $18,000. 

However, if bitcoin can break above $19,200 and hold this level over the coming days, it may signal a potential recovery in the cryptocurrency. In that case, further gains towards $20,000 and even higher levels are possible. Overall, bitcoin remains in a bearish trading range, and traders should remain cautious as further downside potential is still possible.


So far, there is no clear consensus on what will happen with Bitcoin soon. Some experts believe that it could continue to rise in value, while others think there may be a major price correction soon. Ultimately, only time will tell which prediction is correct – but one thing is for sure: Bitcoin is an incredibly interesting and dynamic cryptocurrency, and its growth shows no signs of slowing down anytime soon.



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