25 February, 2024

Charles Hoskinson: How to Build Decentralized Twitter Using Dogecoin and Cardano

1 year ago

22 Nov, 2023

Yesterday, Charles Hoskinson, co-founder of both Cardano and Ethereum, went live on Twitter to discuss a presentation he had titled “Video to Elon Musk: How to Build Decentralized Twitter using Doge and Cardano for Profit and Pleasure.”

According to Hoskinson, the component of Twitter that deals with social networks is already decentralized. On the other hand, problems with centralization are caused by the overarching curation that exists on Twitter, says Hoskinson.

Dealing with storage, information movement, processing, and artificial intelligence may all be part of the overall curation. He emphasizes the peer-to-peer protocols, incentive engineering, and cryptographic support that the crypto community can provide. He discloses that Elon Musk can utilize Cardano and Doge to solve many of the platform’s problems with these two cryptocurrencies.

Even after what seems to be a hundred comments tagging the new Twitter boss beneath Hoskinson’s tweet, Elon Musk still has not [at least publicly] reacted to Hoskinson‘s video.

After he gained control of Twitter a few weeks ago, the wealthiest man on the planet has been at the center of several debates and criticisms in the time since. Musk made the announcement a week ago that the company will begin charging an additional $8 per month for verified users to keep their blue badge and for average ones to get one.

He believes that by doing so, this will discourage spammers, impersonators, and others who create bogus accounts. In point of fact, there is nothing preventing any of these businesses from paying the required price and gaining the coveted check mark in blue to denote their verification status. His argument is that this will make journalism more democratic and provide more power to the voice of the people.