• 26 May, 2024

Critical Support Threatened as Chainlink Faces Potential Retreat

In the dynamic world of cryptocurrency trading, predictive tools are indispensable for traders seeking to navigate the market’s ebbs and flows. One such tool, the TD Sequential Indicator, has raised a red flag for Chainlink (LINK), a prominent player in the blockchain space. The indicator has flashed sell signals across various timeframes, hinting at an upcoming correction period that could see the asset’s value retracting.

A cryptocurrency analyst, Ali, shared a Twitter post providing insights on the current situation with Chainlink, emphasizing the TD Sequential Indicator’s sell signals on various timeframes and the critical support levels.

Chainlink, which has been riding a wave of bullish trends, is now at a crossroads as the TD Sequential Indicator suggests that its rally may have reached a point of saturation. This tool, developed by market technician Tom Demark, is designed to forecast potential price reversals by pinpointing trend exhaustion. The tool’s current analysis on LINK forecasts a pullback to the $12.50 support level. This figure is not just another number on the chart but a threshold historically proven to be a battleground for bulls and bears alike.

The importance of the $12.50 level cannot be overstated. It is a valuation point where Chainlink has previously consolidated, making it a critical juncture for maintaining the currency’s stability. Should the price of LINK dip below this marker, it could trigger a further decline, potentially reaching the next significant support level at $10.50. Such a decrease would represent a considerable percentage drop from its current position and influence the broader market sentiment around LINK.

The TD Sequential Indicator’s sell signals across LINK’s daily, 3-day, and weekly charts bring a cautionary perspective for investors. While sell signals are not a guaranteed precursor to a decline, they are a significant indicator of market sentiment shifting from bullish to bearish. Traders may consider this an opportunity to reassess their positions and prepare for possible outcomes.

Moreover, the relevance of the TD Sequential Indicator is pronounced in its application during uncertain market conditions. Many technical analysis tools provide valuable insights during strong trending markets but falter when the price movement ranges or plateaus. The TD Sequential fills this gap by offering a clear analysis in such ranging conditions, which could be particularly prevalent in the cryptocurrency market.

Chainlink price is trading bearish pressure today, with a decline of over 4.26% in the last 24 hours. At the time of writing, LINK is trading at $15.44,  still above the critical support level of $12.50. If bears manage to push the price below this level, the $10.00 support could be the next target.  However, if bulls could defend the $12.50 support and push the LINK price back up,  it could signal a continuation of the current uptrend.

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