• 22 June, 2024
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CRV Social Volume Has Recently Increased, but Sentiment Is Still Negative

Investors appear to be cautiously optimistic about the asset’s prospects. Recently, Curve, a DeFi protocol and token, has seen an increase in its circulating supply and in whale transactions. This shows increased engagement among large asset holders, while small and medium-sized holders have remained relatively stagnant.

With such an increase in activity, it’s natural to assume that the sentiment around Curve would also be positive; however, this has not been the case. According to data collected by CRV Social, the latest community post about CRV was met with a generally negative response. Although the volume of discourse has increased significantly since its publication, the sentiment has remained negative.

Nevertheless, investors continue to remain cautiously optimistic about Curve’s future prospects. In particular, DeFi enthusiasts are still looking forward to the launch of StableSwap in May, which will bring the concept of “stablecoins-only” trading with no slippage.

Given the recent hack on the network and its current MVRV, it may be wise to wait for the market sentiment to shift before making any purchases. Instead, investors should continue monitoring developments in CRV and DeFi protocols, as well as keeping an eye on the long-term MVRV of CRV. This will better indicate when it may be a good time to buy. 

The hack on the CRV network caused some disruption, but the circulating supply and MVRV are stable. Despite an increase in social volume, sentiment around Curve remains negative.

Investors should continue monitoring developments around CRV and DeFi protocols, and wait for market sentiment to shift before making purchases. With a long-term MVRV above 0%, traders should be cautious when considering investing in CRV. 

By monitoring the market and keeping an eye on the MVRV, investors can ensure that they are making informed decisions about their investments. In addition, with a bit of patience and diligence, traders can identify good entry points for CRV and take advantage of future potential gains.

The future of Curve is still uncertain. In the meantime, investors and traders are advised to stay up-to-date with the latest news surrounding Curve and its upcoming features to best position themselves for future gains or losses.

Overall, this uptick in activity shows that investors remain interested in the asset despite initial hesitation. This could signify good things to come for Curve in the near future.

What do technicals suggest about CRV?

Analyzing the technicals of CRV provides insight into the current state of the asset. From daily price activity, traders can see that CRV is currently trading within a tight range and has yet to make any major movements. This could indicate that investors are either undecided about their position or simply waiting for news to form an opinion on the asset.

Source: Santiment

The daily volume has also been increasing steadily over the last few weeks, which could signify growing interest or bullish sentiment in the market. Additionally, the RSI and MACD indicators show signs of bullishness, suggesting that CRV may soon break out from its current range and move higher.

Overall, the technicals of CRV suggest that despite some negative sentiment in its social discourse, investors are still optimistic about its prospects and ready to capitalize on any potential upside. Of course, it remains to be seen what will happen with the asset in the near term, but it is clear that there is still interest among traders and investors alike.


CRV has seen increased activity and engagement among investors, but the sentiment is still largely negative. Despite this, traders remain cautiously optimistic about the asset’s prospects as more features are planned for its upcoming StableSwap launch. Technical analysis of CRV also suggests that despite some bearish sentiment, there may be a potential upside soon.

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