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Crypto Analyst Predicts $72K Resistance: A Short Squeeze Incoming?

Bitcoin’s price volatility is once again under scrutiny as traders and analysts closely monitor key technical indicators, suggesting a potential downward movement in the near term. The cryptocurrency, currently hovering around $63,368, faces significant pressure amid concerns about a potential break below key support levels and the release of Bollinger Band tension.

Crypto traders emphasize that the depletion of liquidity beneath current price ranges signifies a shift in market dynamics, with attention now turning towards a major resistance level at $72,000. As per DaanCrypto, an analyst, this level, if breached, could trigger a short squeeze, propelling Bitcoin’s price higher. However, the distance to this level remains substantial at the moment.

The Bollinger Band, a widely used momentum indicator, is being closely watched by traders. The gradual release of the band’s tension, combined with increased daily volatility, suggests a scenario where Bitcoin might test lower levels. Some analysts, such as pseudonymous trader Aqua, predict that close below support could lead to a downward expansion towards the $50,000s.

Despite short-term bearish sentiments, traders remain optimistic about the broader market trajectory. Stockmoney Lizards, in a recent analysis, indicated a “continued correction” but reassured followers that the bull market remains intact, with the current phase considered a necessary consolidation after a sustained period of upward movement.

Technical analyst Tony Severino draws parallels to the 2017 market cycle, suggesting potential volatility ahead. Severino’s analysis points to a worst-case scenario of $53,000 based on Bollinger Band basis, indicating potential price swings in the coming weeks.

Market sentiment is also affected by the need for Bitcoin to maintain critical support levels to avoid a breakdown similar to the March 2023 pullback. Rekt Capital, another prominent voice in the crypto community, highlights the importance of these support levels in sustaining market confidence.

Buy-side support is seen consolidating around the $59,000-$61,000 range, with secondary support levels extending down to $50,000. This suggests a strong foundation of bids at lower price levels, indicating potential buying opportunities should Bitcoin undergo further correction.

The current price dynamics also highlight the vulnerability of long and short positions. A drop to $59,000 could trigger $2.2 billion in liquidations for long positions, while a modest 1.15% increase to $65,000 could wipe out $551 million in short positions.

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