29 February, 2024

Crypto Expert Reveals Top 3 Coins With Potential For Massive Gains

10 months ago

21 Nov, 2023

Teeka Tiwari, a crypto OG and founder of the financial publishing company Palm Beach Research Group, has shared three promising crypto projects that he believes to have the potential to net investors millions of dollars. In a video on BitBoy Crypto, Tiwari said that the three coins, which he had already identified last year, continue to show increased potential.

The first coin is GMX, a multichain decentralized finance (DeFi) leverage trading platform that runs on Arbitrum and Avalanche. Tiwari believes that GMX is the standard bearer for DeFi leverage trading and has several mechanisms built into the platform to ensure honest trading and real liquidity protections for traders.

The GMX token is a governance token that gives holders 30% of the fees generated on the platform, which means that it has utility and value from the start. As of the recording, the market cap for GMX is half a billion dollars, and Tiwari believes that a 10x increase is in play for GMX, with the top realistically going north of $800 per coin in 2025.

The second coin is Optimism (OP), which has separated itself from the pack as Ethereum’s No. 2 layer 2. OP has a much lower market cap and more room to run than MATIC. Optimism has been making waves since its token launch last year, and its partnership with Coinbase has opened up everyone’s eyes to OP’s potential. Coinbase’s layer 2 network called Base wouldl be built on Optimism, which would be a major source of revenue for Optimism and its holders. Tiwari believes that Optimism is a bullish pick for the 2025 bull run.

Finally, the third coin is yet to be revealed in the video, and viewers are encouraged to watch until the end. However, Tiwari hinted that the coin is a “moonshot,” suggesting that it has a high potential for growth.

Tiwari stressed that the information he shared is not financial advice and that he only invests in Bitcoin and Ethereum to keep his picks unbiased. Nonetheless, he encouraged viewers to learn more about Palm Beach Confidential, which provides crypto picks long before they go mainstream.


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