12 April, 2024

DWF Labs Bolsters Bithumb with an Additional 10M ORBS Injection

09 Oct, 2023

06 Dec, 2023

  • DWF Labs exhibits strong confidence in ORBS with a $969K contribution to Bithumb.
  • ORBS price dipped by 11.55% in the past day, with a $89M market cap.
  • DWF Labs’ holdings of 140M ORBS reflect a $3.98M valuation, showcasing their conviction in ORBS.

DWF Labs, a dominant figure in the crypto landscape, has recently shown its robust confidence in Bithumb. The firm made a notable deposit of 10M ORBS, equivalent to $284K. However, this isn’t an isolated move. Over the past 24 hours, DWF Labs has considerably augmented its ORBS commitments to Bithumb. Consequently, the collective contribution now stands at 34.07M ORBS, valued at around $969K.

Besides this significant deposit, the ORBS price dynamics must be noticed. As depicted on CoinMarketCap, ORBS trades at $0.02671, reflecting an 11.06% dip over the past day. Its market cap has also reached $89,403,007, ranking it 247 in the vast crypto space. Moreover, the trading volume for ORBS has surged by a substantial 65.81%, amounting to $182,082,532, which places it at the 15th position in terms of 24-hour volume.

Additionally, as per Lookonchain’s tweet, diving a bit into the history of DWF Labs and ORBS, there’s an attractive transaction to highlight. On August 16, DWF Labs received a hefty 150M ORBS from the Orbs team. At that time, this amount was valued at around $3.4M.

DWF Labs holdings in ORBS are substantial, standing at 140M ORBS, valued at a staggering $3.98M. These vast holdings and the recent trading activities provide insights into DWF Labs’ conviction in ORBS and its future potential.

Furthermore, it’s worth highlighting that the total circulating supply of ORBS is 3,167,720,359 out of an unlimited supply of 10 billion ORBS. The fully diluted market cap for ORBS is at $282,231,374.

Hence, with these substantial transactions and consistent engagement, DWF Labs remains a pivotal player in the ORBS ecosystem. Observing the interplay of these investments with market dynamics in the upcoming days will be intriguing.



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