02 March, 2024

Ether Price Slippage Provides Insight Into Short-Term ETH Trend Changes

7 months ago

07 Nov, 2023

  • Price slippage has emerged as a tool for traders to determine crypto market trends. 
  • Hyblock Capital has identified the role of Ether slippage in crypto trend changes. 
  • Sudden increases in slippage have been linked with significant changes in ETH’s price. 

Slippage recently emerged as a tool for crypto traders to trace trends in the crypto market and have an edge in the risky and volatile space. Crypto analytics firm Hyblock Capital recently rolled out a slippage indicator that identified short-term trend changes in Ethereum’s price action since the beginning of 2023. 

Hyblock Capital recently took to Twitter to announce the integration of its slippage tool across all cryptocurrencies including ETH:

Slippage refers to the difference between the expected and the actual price a trader pays for an asset. It occurs in most spheres of the financial market but has grown synonymous with crypto trading given the volatile nature of crypto tokens which regularly record double digital gains and losses within a matter of hours. Slippage tends to peak when an asset has high volatility but poor liquidity. 

Hyblock Capital pitched its slippage indicator as a top tool for identifying trend changes in Ether’s price. The idea was for slippage to serve as a complementary confirmation tool along with technical and fundamental indicators. The on-chain analytics firm added that a spike in slippage historically indicated major price action in ETH

According to Hyblock, traders could leverage slippage to their advantage by timing their trades based on surges. The utility of slippage for tracing market trends was particularly relevant for Ether traders, given that the second largest cryptocurrency in the world witnessed visible highs and lows in ETH’s price following a spike in slippage. 

Hyblock allowed its users to fine tune the slippage tool as per max and total attributes. Max represented the highest slippage on crypto trades within the same trading candle. Meanwhile total indicated the sum of slippage across all trades within the trading candle. 


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