12 April, 2024

Ethereum Surges Above Key Level as Market Volume and Value Climb

15 Feb, 2024

01 Mar, 2024

  • ETH volume jumps by 40.9% hitting $2,775 with a market cap of $333.44B, maintaining the #2 rank on CoinGecko. 
  • Ethereum breaks past the $2,500 level with a solid trading volume increase, signaling bullish market behavior. 
  • Technical analysis by TRADINGLOUNGE sees ETH’s ‘First High’ as a sign of potential gains in a strong crypto market.

Amidst an uptick in cryptocurrency trading activity, Ethereum has recently showcased a significant bullish pattern, breaching a pivotal resistance level, as analyzed by TRADINGLOUNGE, experts in the technical analysis of various financial markets. With a keen eye on Ethereum’s performance against the US Dollar, TRADINGLOUNGE utilizes the TradingLevels method to navigate the digital currency’s trajectory. The Ethereum market has experienced a considerable increase in both trading volume and market capitalization, signaling robust market engagement.

Ethereum’s trading volume has witnessed a substantial 40.90% increase within the past day, clocking in at $26.38 billion. This surge in volume coincides with Ethereum’s price progression, reinforcing the uptrend indicated by the TradingLevels chart patterns. The market capitalization stands at a commanding $333.44 billion, securing Ethereum’s position as the second-largest cryptocurrency by market cap on CoinGecko.


The recent chart pattern identified by TRADINGLOUNGE illuminates Ethereum’s strong performance, with the price successfully crossing the $2,500 medium level. The “First High Above The Level” marker signals the potential for further gains as the price hovers at $2,775.08, a 4.5% rise in the last 24 hours. The increasing volume supports this bullish narrative, typically seen as a validator of continued upward momentum.

Following the Reaction phase, Ethereum entered a Correction phase, characterized by price fluctuations around the medium level, a common consolidation pattern. This stage is crucial for traders seeking trend confirmation before making market decisions. With Ethereum’s latest rise, the market exhibits a bullish sentiment, surpassing the global cryptocurrency market’s 7-day increase. As investors and traders watch closely, Ethereum’s market behavior in the coming days will be pivotal in determining its short-term financial health and stability.

According to another analyst, Morecryptoonline believes the price of Ethereum is likely working on wave 5 of (5), and a break below $2,729 would be the first indication that a top of sorts is in place. According to him, upside targets for wave 5 of (5) are $2,799, $2,839, $2,844, and the area around $2,900. He says,

These are levels we can watch if the price extends higher.

The blend of heightened trading activity and positive price movement suggests a robust outlook for Ethereum. Investors and traders, armed with insights, continue to navigate the market’s ebb and flow with a keen eye on patterns that hint at the digital currency’s short-term and potential long-term trajectories.



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