12 April, 2024

Expert Forecasts Bitcoin’s Bullish Future Despite Recent Dips, Eyes $90K Surge

02 Apr, 2024

02 Apr, 2024

  • Charting Guy predicts Bitcoin could test the 0.236 Fibonacci level if it breaks the IH&S neckline, hinting at a pre-halving rally.
  • Captain Faibik’s analysis shows a bullish pennant on Bitcoin’s 12-hour chart, suggesting a potential surge to $88-90k this month.
  • BTC’s current consolidation within a bullish pennant pattern indicates a strong upward trend continuation.

Bitcoin traders are closely monitoring the crypto’s price movements, as recent patterns hint at potential gains. Charting Guy on X (formerly Twitter) suggests that Bitcoin is currently testing the Inverted Head and Shoulders (IH&S) neckline, indicating a strong support level. 

Moreover, a break above this point could see the price testing the 0.236 Fibonacci level, hinting at a pre-halving shakeout. He advises that those wary of volatility consider safer investments like the S&P 500, emphasizing that dips should be seen as buying opportunities in a bull market. 

Similarly, Captain Faibik points out a bullish pennant formation on the 12-hour chart, forecasting a breakout that could push Bitcoin to the $88-90k range this month.

The bullish pennant pattern, recognized for its continuation signal during upward trends, shows Bitcoin’s price consolidating after a significant surge. This consolidation, forming converging trend lines that resemble a pennant, suggests an impending breakout.


Besides, according to the latest price information at the time of this writing, Bitcoin’s value hovers at $66,932.05, marking a downturn of 3.18% in the last 24 hours and 4.79% in the past week.

Moreover, this pattern reflects bullish market sentiment, indicating that traders further expect price upticks. Trading strategies around bullish pennants typically involve placing buy orders above the pennant’s resistance to catch the breakout. Conversely, stop-loss orders below its support line help mitigate risks should the trend reverse.

Additionally, the historical price action leading up to the pennant formation provides crucial context. Understanding the events that caused the initial surge can offer insights into Bitcoin’s current market dynamics. 

Hence, as traders await the breakout, the consensus remains optimistic about Bitcoin’s trajectory. With technical indicators pointing towards continued growth, the sentiment in the crypto market is predominantly bullish, suggesting that current consolidations are merely stepping stones to higher valuations.



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