23 April, 2024

Ford Motor Dives into Metaverse and Web3

09 Sep, 2022

12 Dec, 2023

Mike Kondoudis, a licensed trademark attorney with the United States Patent and Trade Office (USPTO), disclosed in a tweet on Wednesday that the American automobile manufacturer Ford Motor Company is the newest automotive brand that is preparing its debut into the realm of nonfungible tokens (NFTs) and the Metaverse. Ford Motor Company has filed 19 trademark applications across its main car brands.

In addition to virtual automobiles, trucks, vans, and sport utility vehicles as well as clothes, the trademark registration for NFT also covers potential online markets for the company’s goods.

According to the document that Ford filed to the USPTO on September 2, the carmaker also intends to develop works of art, text, music, and video using its automobiles, sport utility vehicles (SUVs), trucks, and vans that may be downloaded.

The applications show that Ford is prepared to launch its entrance in the Metaverse sector, despite the absence of information on the NFTs method. This is despite the fact that Ford has not provided any such details.

It has been less than a month since Ford Executive Chairman Bill Ford and CEO Jim Farley revealed major personnel layoffs from the company’s worldwide workforce, and this is less than a month since Ford entered the Web 3.0 area. This decision was taken in an effort to cut down on the costs incurred by the firm.

The company also disclosed its plans to develop “virtual items that can be downloaded,” more specifically, a “computer program” that will include clothing and clothing accessories in addition to vehicle parts and accessories. This “computer program” will be designed for use in “online virtual worlds,” such as online trading exhibitions that are operated in virtual reality and additional reality.


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