• 29 May, 2024

Funds Exploited From Crypto User’s Wallet Traced To Multiple Unknown Addresses

MistTrack, the crypto tracking and compliance platform founded by blockchain security firm SlowMist, reported earlier today that the hacker who stole nearly half a million dollars worth of crypto assets from a crypto user last week had moved the funds to new addresses. The hack was first reported by crypto influencer 0xAA on X (formerly Twitter), who was personally alerted by the victim. 

MistTrack took to X earlier today to provide an update on the hacker’s latest transactions:

Following the hack last week, the crypto influencer contacted MistTrack to identify the exploiter. The crypto tracking platform took feedback from the community and compiled a list of crypto addresses associated with the hacker. The addresses were regularly monitored for transfer of funds and clues about the hacker’s identity. 

The first update came on August 29 when MistTrack told its followers that the hacker had transferred 1.9 ETH from BitBrowser to a new address. In another update later that day, the crypto tracking platform reported that the hacker had moved 7.1 ETH along with some funds on other chains to Binance, FixedFloat, ChangeNOW, etc. using Socket and Railgun in order to obscure their tracks. 

MistTrack was able to identify the hacker’s Internet Protocol (IP) address, however, it originated from a virtual private network (VPN). Furthermore, 13 additional hacker addresses were added, involving Avalanche, Arbitrum, Optimism, Ethereum, Linea, zkSync Era, BSC, Nova, and Polygon chains. At the time, the hacker’s wallet had a balance of $521,814. 

The latest update from MistTrack revealed that the addresses associated with the hacker had transferred funds on multiple chains. One of the chains swapped multiple currencies for ETH via Socket and later bridged to itself. The latest transfer to an unknown address involved 11 ETH, and 5.9 ETH to the eXch platform. Data from Nansen showed that the hacker’s wallet held $18,803 worth of Ether at the time of writing. 

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