• 24 June, 2024

Gold Station and GPC Revolutionize Gold Investment through DeFi on Klaytn Mainnet

CREDER, a digital transformation firm focusing on tokenizing RWAs, has recently revealed its gold-pegged digital asset, GPC. This innovative asset is backed on a one-to-one ratio with physical gold, heralding a new chapter in asset tokenization. Accompanying GPC is Goldstation, a decentralized finance (DeFi) platform poised to redefine gold investment. This marks the first foray of a gold-centric DeFi service into a public mainnet beyond Ethereum, with an official start date of January 24.

The launch of Goldstation with GPC single deposit functionality is a major stride towards enabling investors to gear DeFi for yield generation. Setting itself apart from existing gold Real World Asset (RWA) tokens, GPC eschews the usual transaction costs, imposing only minimal fees for NFT conversion and blockchain operations. This strategic move is poised to position Goldstation as a highly efficient gold investment hub, further boosted by Klaytn’s competitive gas fee policy.

CREDER also introduces The Mining Club, a novel platform that leverages NFT technology to create a verifiable proof of physical gold ownership. This enables users to use their NFTs as collateral for minting GPC via Goldstation. The company doesn’t stop here; it aims to broaden the Goldstation ecosystem, incorporating other precious metals and mineral resources like silver, platinum, palladium, and copper.

Participation in the gold DeFi ecosystem has been made effortless. Users can connect any Klaytn-compatible cryptocurrency wallet – including Kaikas, Metamask, or KLIP – and engage in activities such as minting NFTs or issuing GPC with just a few clicks. Klaytn’s low transaction latency ensures a seamless user experience reminiscent of traditional web platforms without the delays often associated with transaction confirmations.

Klaytn Foundation, a supporting partner, has extended its robust network of domestic and international allies to CREDER. This collaboration spans regulatory compliance, platform optimization, and marketing efforts, both locally and globally. Klaytn’s alignment with the ERC-3643 tokenization standard and its status as an Ethereum equivalent L1 empowers the foundation and CREDER to foster the growth of various non-gold RWA token businesses worldwide.

The integrity of Gold NFTs and GPCs is assured through on-chain verification via Orakl Network’s Proof of Reserve (POR). This initiative is set to establish a new benchmark for transparency and trust in the RWA token business, leveraging Klaytn’s technology.

Klaytn Foundation is enthusiastic about hosting CREDER’s Goldstation, the pioneering gold RWA token DeFi platform outside the Ethereum ecosystem. Their involvement in the meticulous preparation for Goldstation and GPC underscores a commitment to advancing precious metal RWA tokenization both domestically and internationally.

GOLD, the digital currency, has been mirroring its projected market trajectory, currently priced at $0.009214 per GOLD/USD, marking a 2.03% rise in the last 24 hours. Its trading volume, standing at $32.35K, signals an increasing investor interest. GOLD’s market capitalization is currently evaluated at $1.27 million.

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