21 April, 2024

Grayscale Survey Reports Crypto Popularity Among U.S. Voters

04 Nov, 2022

13 Mar, 2024

A recent survey from Grayscale has found that “considering crypto policy positions” was a factor for around a third of American voters in the next midterm elections in 2022. According to the results of the poll, about 79% of all American adults think the cryptocurrency industry needs more government oversight.

The survey conducted among 2,029 registered voters conducted by The Harris Poll between October 6 and 11 reports that 57% of likely midterm voters say they are more likely to vote for a political candidate who is interested in staying informed about cryptocurrencies, while 38% say they will consider positions on crypto policy when casting their ballot.

Different sides same page

87% of Democratic respondents and 76% of Republican respondents said they want clarification from the U.S. government on crypto regulation, indicating that the issue is not political.

“Voters and lawmakers alike have been hearing about crypto, and it seems they’ve taken the opportunity to learn about the asset class,” the report noted. 

Despite political divisions, the survey found broad familiarity with crypto across party lines and a majority of both Republicans and Democrats who agree that crypto represents the future of finance.

When broken down by age, 33% of Americans under the age of 44 believe cryptocurrency to be a solid long-term investment, while just 13% of those over the age of 44 share this view. Non-Hispanic Black respondents were the most positive, with 35% considering cryptocurrency a sound investment, backed by 24% of Hispanics and 18% of non-Hispanic whites. Males were more likely than females to have a positive opinion of cryptocurrencies (27% vs. 17%).

The findings supported prior research that revealed crypto assets are more popular among young, Black, and Hispanic voters than older and white voters, yet most do not consider them suitable long-term investments. The group includes stablecoins and more volatile cryptocurrencies like bitcoin, ether, and Dogecoin.



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