• 17 July, 2024

Hedera Governing Council’s New Member is Dell Technologies

The Hedera Governing Council (HGC) has announced that Dell Technologies is the newest member to join its Council. By joining the HGC, Dell reportedly aims to assist organizations in exploring and automating DLT (Distributed Ledger Technologies). Dell also wants to help organizations develop applications for “highly decentralized mission-critical environments such as #EdgeComputing.”

Breaking the news, Hedera tweeted:

Source: Hedera Twitter (@hedera)

By being an active HGC and network member, Dell would reportedly explore first-hand avenues presented by the promising technology.

Dell would begin doing so by running its own Hedera node, building applications on the Hedera network for highly decentralized mission-critical environments such as edge computing, and openly sharing its results for the industry’s collective learning.

The HGC includes 39 highly diversified organizations that govern the Hedera network. It also hosts a “sustainable, enterprise-grade public ledger for the decentralized economy.” Dell is placed among the world’s vital infrastructure offering companies.

Dell venturing into exploring the DLT tends to boost its capability of making customers’ digital transformation journey a seamless experience via the Web3 and DLT technologies.

DLTs are increasingly emerging as an apt alternative for data collection in large-scale edge data generators. Secure and provisioned DLTs would enable customers to develop cost-effective and efficient applications in multiple IT environments. This also includes edge computing—offering scalable data persistently, with protection, control, and process automation.

John Roese, Global Chief Technology Officer, Dell, says, Our customers rely on us to both maintain and help secure their existing infrastructure as well as advise them on technologies they are considering to assist them in achieving their goals, whether it is in process optimization, new business models or meeting their ESG standards.

By gaining hands-on experience with distributed ledger technology, we’re able to serve as a rational, holistic voice for customers considering incorporating DLT into their digital transformation.

Dell’s HGC membership falls in alignment with its allied data decentralization activities, such as Project Alvariuma—a Data Confidence Fabric that can assess data trust. 

Bill Miller, co-chair, Membership Committee, Hedera Governing Council, said,

Dell is a global leader in technology, with an expensive global footprint. Like Hedera, Dell has innovation and scale at its core. Dell’s insight and decades of computing experience will bring even more expertise and innovative thinking to the Hedera Governing Council.

Hedera’s broad and strong ecosystem tends to support research and development. With contract automation and ESG reporting, it also brings fresh development avenues.

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