21 April, 2024

Heroes of Mavia and Coinbase’s Base Partner Fostering Secure Gaming Environment

28 Feb, 2024

28 Feb, 2024

  • Heroes of Mavia announced a strategic collaboration with Coinbase’s Base with the aim of fostering their rapidly growing mobile playerbase.
  • The Mavia ecosystem opted for Base as its L2 solution, considering its “fast, secure, low-cost” transactions.
  • With its “extensive infrastructure integrations,” Base is expected to be a robust L2 that fulfills Mavia’s needs.

Heroes of Mavia, an NFT-based multiplayer game, has recently announced a strategic collaboration with Coinbase’s Layer 2 network, Base. With the alliance, the Mavia ecosystem envisions fostering its rapidly growing mobile playerbase and creating a secure, user-friendly gaming environment.

In a series of X posts, Heroes of Mavia elucidated the reasons behind choosing Coinbase’s Base to scale the Mavia ecosystem. A key aspect that drew Mavia’s attention to Base is its “fast, secure, low-cost” transactions.

As the first reason for opting for Base as their L2 solution, Mavia spotted their “shared vision.” Pointing out that both Mavia and Base share the same vision, the gaming platform asserted,

We believe an onchain platform that is open source, decentralized, user-friendly and widely accessible is key to building the next generation of onchain applications. We want to work with Base to realize this vision.

The Base platform’s “extensive infrastructure integrations” is another aspect highlighted by Mavia. The NFT game believes these integrations would provide safe and reliable onboarding for the gamers. Mavia considers Base a “robust L2 that fulfills Mavia’s needs,” considering its reliable fiat on/off ramps, DEXs, and possibilities to cater to Coinbase’s expansive ecosystem.

Reportedly, transactions are cost-effective and fast on Base. In addition, with the integration of Ethereum’s Dencun upgrade and the subsequent implementation of EIP-4844, also known as proto-danksharding, Base’s transaction cost is expected to be reduced by 10-100x. Heroes of Mavia’s recent X post cited, “Fast transactions and low gas fees are critical for our in-game Ruby marketplace (Mavia sponsors all gas fees inside the game).”

Above all, Base is acknowledged as the best option for the Mavia ecosystem, as it is incubated by Coinbase, one of the most prominent blockchain platforms. The platform stated, “Base has consistently shipped and delivered results to the chain, giving us strong confidence in their team.”


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