Crypto is becoming more popular in India, and with each passing day, the number of traders and investors keeps on increasing. With the increase in trade, the need for a secure location to store your cryptocurrencies becomes crucial. 

Crypto wallets might be the ones you are looking for to keep your assets safe. Numerous crypto wallets are available for you to choose from, and all of these wallets fall under two categories: hot wallet and cold wallet. Hot wallets are connected to the internet, while Cold wallets are not connected to the internet and live offline. In this article, we’ll discuss the best crypto wallets in India.         

India’s Best Hot Crypto Wallets In 2024

1. Coinbase Wallet

Coinbase wallet, created by the popular cryptocurrency exchange Coinbase, stands out as one of the most widely used hot wallets in the market. As a non-custodial wallet, it facilitates users’ complete control of their assets. The wallet has a user-friendly interface, and users can store and manage a diverse range of cryptocurrencies. Furthermore, the platform is also seamlessly integrated with the Coinbase ecosystem, making it easy to transfer funds.     

The wallet supports cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Ethereum, and others. It also features a built-in dApp browser, allowing users to conveniently access decentralized applications. Coinbase Wallet uses advanced security methods, such as two-factor authentication, encryption, and more, to protect users’ assets.  

2. WazirX Wallet

WazirX, one of the best cryptocurrency wallets in India, is renowned for its user-friendly interface and robust functionalities. It facilitates trading of cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ripple, etc. All transactions within the WazirX wallet are executed at high speeds, with the goal of saving time and minimizing the chances of timeouts during transactions. The wallet is integrated with the WazirX exchange, a prominent Indian crypto-exchange platform, making it suitable for the needs of both investors and traders. 

The wallet supports more than 100 cryptocurrencies and ensures the safety of the funds stored in the wallet through security measures like two-factor identification, withdrawal whitelist, and more.  

3. Exodus Wallet

Exodus Wallet is a well-known multi-currency wallet offering support for over 200 cryptocurrencies, making it a suitable choice for storage and management needs. It distinguishes itself with a built-in exchange platform where users can trade and stake various cryptocurrencies. Exodus enables users to stake popular cryptocurrencies like Cosmos (ATOM), Algorand (ALGO), Tezos (XTZ), Ontology (ONT), and many more. 

The wallet provides services for recovering assets in case of a hack or theft. It has an intuitive interface and caters to the needs of experienced users. Furthermore, Exodus supports 50 networks and imposes no network fees when receiving assets.    

4. MetaMask Wallet

MetaMask is renowned for its compatibility with Ethereum-based decentralized applications. The wallet offers a browser extension and a mobile wallet for seamless interaction and supports Ethereum and ERC-20 tokens. It charges fees for sending and swapping assets but not for receiving them. MetaMask has a user-friendly interface and can be easily integrated with the Ethereum ecosystem. 

The wallet supports various cryptocurrencies such as Ethereum, Polygon, and more. Moreover, it presents the opportunity to earn additional tokens and rewards through staking and airdrops. 

5. Trust Wallet

Trust Wallet is a leading non-custodial crypto wallet developed by Binance. It stands out for its intuitive user interface and supports multiple blockchain networks, such as Ethereum, Polkadot, Binance, and various cryptocurrencies. Unlike other wallets, Trust Wallet doesn’t charge transaction fees of any kind and is available for both iOS and Android platforms. 

The wallet has advanced security features like a passphrase, biometric authentication, private key control, and more. Furthermore, the wallet comes with a built-in Web3 browser that can be used to browse decentralized applications and interact with them.  

India’s Best Cold Wallets In 2024 

1. Ledger Wallet

Ledger wallet is a popular hardware wallet developed by Ledger. The wallet is known for its portability and effortless backup process, making it one of the top choices for long-term cryptocurrency storage. It supports a wide range of cryptocurrencies, including Ethereum, Ripple, Bitcoin, etc. It is easy to use, and users can store multiple types of digital assets on this device.    

The wallet is user-friendly and has an intuitive interface. Its security features include PIN code protection and a seed phrase mechanism for enhanced asset security. By storing private keys offline, users benefit from heightened protection against potential risks. 

2. Trezor Wallet

Trezor is one of the best hardware wallets for long-term cryptocurrency storage. It is well known for its robust security features and seamless compatibility with several crypto exchanges. The wallet supports an extensive range of cryptocurrencies, including Litecoin, Bitcoin, etc. 

Furthermore, users can benefit from the ability to store their private keys offline, and transaction confirmation is required from users, underscoring its robust security measures. The wallet supports more than 500 coins and has a friendly touchscreen interface. 

3. Ellipal Titan Wallet

Ellipal Titan is a secure crypto wallet designed to store cryptocurrencies and safeguard them from both offline and online threats. The wallet is user-friendly and has an intuitive touchscreen interface. In contrast to other hardware wallets, Ellipal Titan incorporates air-gapped security, operating without an internet connection to minimize vulnerability to hacking and malware attacks.

The wallet allows users the flexibility of setting up five different accounts, enabling users to manage multiple cryptocurrency portfolios within a single device. Additionally, it supports mnemonic phrases for wallet recovery.  

4. SafePal S1

SafePal S1 is a cryptocurrency wallet designed to provide a secure and user-friendly solution for storing and managing digital assets. It employs an air-gapped security mechanism that allows users to operate the wallet without an internet connection. Furthermore, the wallet has a secure element chip that allows users to store private keys and perform transactions safely.

The wallet supports a wide range of cryptocurrencies, including Ethereum, Ripple, Bitcoin, and numerous other tokens. SafePal S1 is one of the wallets best suited for handling various crypto holdings. It also supports more than 15 languages.  

5. Keepkey

KeepKey is one of the best hardware wallets suitable for storing various cryptocurrencies. With its offline storage capabilities, users can store their private keys offline and benefit from the various recovery options in the event of wallet damage or loss. Furthermore, it also places heavy emphasis on security and uses PIN and passphrase protection to safeguard private keys. It comes with an in-app browser and has a friendly user interface.


The cryptocurrency wallets offer a diverse range of options, catering to the diverse needs of users who prefer hot or cold storage solutions. Whether users opt for the accessibility of hot wallets or prioritize the enhanced security of cold wallets, their choice ultimately depends on their specific wallet requirements.

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