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India’s Biggest Crypto Gala Metamorphosis 2023 has Arrived!

3 months ago

02 Dec, 2023

The countdown for the Metamorphosis 2023 has begun! It is India’s mega Crypto Gala event, which has been taking place every year since 2016 and is hosted by Octaloop. This year, the most anticipated crypto conclave is scheduled for 9th-10th December to happen between 9:00 AM and 5:30 PM at The Den, Bangalore.

Last year, Metamorphosis 2022 was filled with enthusiasts, industry leaders, political figures, media influencers, and other professionals in the Web3 space. The previous blockchain summit hosted by Octaloop was overwhelmed with the energy of 5000 developers participating in the hackathon and gave a massive networking opportunity for Indian start-ups and entrepreneurs.

For the year 2023, the stage is again opened for crypto, blockchain, and web3 fans to explore more about the upcoming technologies and gain insights from leading speakers. The prominent speakers include – 

  • Raoul Pal (Co-founder and CEO of Real Vision)
  • Yat Siu (Co-founder and Executive Chairman at Animoca Brands)
  • Benjamin Charbit (Co-founder & CEO at Life Beyond Studios/Animoca Brands)
  • Ran Neuner (Founder & Host, CryptoBanter) and 
  • Ajeet Khurana (Founder, Reflexical Pte, Ex-CEO, ZebPay)

The Metamorphosis 2023 event is sponsored by major players in the crypto industry.

This year, the participants are endorsed to receive Merch/giveaways: Hardware wallets, hoodies, other swag, and raffle. The conference and amusement arcade, which is going to happen in Indian Silicon Valley, can be a massive networking opportunity for web3 developers and innovators who are striving to set their footmark in this burgeoning industry. 

The conclave offers an opportunity to network with VIPs in the private lounge for those who hold Rex VIP Passes. The summit has stirred the anticipation of the Indian Crypto Community with many events, including an investor showcase for startups looking to raise, a Gourmet lunch, and after-party events. The agenda of the mega event in Bengaluru includes – 

  • Investor Showcase
  • Panel Discussions
  • Speaker Sessions

The conference is expected to unite visionary speakers, web3 builders, potential investors, and industry pioneers who are shaping blockchain innovation. The attendees of the event will get a chance to access speakers’ sessions, workshops, and exclusive one-month free access to Binamite Zero. Moreover, the Metamorphosis 2023 provides an opportunity to know more about the upcoming projects and government initiatives that are specifically framed for the development of blockchain and web 3 industry.

Octaloop is proudly hosting India’s biggest crypto conclave to ignite brilliant minds. Blockchain technology has the potential to revolutionize the way businesses are run and has the potential to tackle many challenges in different industries. India has been a steady adopter of crypto and blockchain and is framing strategies to demystify the specifics of these technologies.

It is an honor for Octaloop to play a key role in setting a platform for investors and the government to share insights. Registration for the Metamorphosis 2023 event is still open. Seize the chance to book your slots today and prepare to be a part of another thrilling blockchain and crypto event of the year. Don’t let your opportunity to interact with global leaders and understand how the globe navigates with technology!!

About Metamorphosis

Metamorphosis is a blockchain summit that has been organized by Octaloop every year since 2016. This event marks the growing significance of blocking a web3 in India. It provides a chance for investors, entrepreneurs, governments, and influencers to network. It is a stage where new policies are drafted and can find supporters for your blockchain and web3 projects. Entrepreneurs and influencers can garner global coverage through this mega event. Innovators who come up with new ideas and projects can avail of funding opportunities by collaborating with industry leaders and potential investors.

Altogether, Metamorphosis 2023, organized by Octaloop, signifies India’s growing interest in Blockchain, Crypto, and Web3.

About Octaloop

Octaloop is a blockchain consulting and marketing firm founded by Anupam Varshney, a long-time cryptocurrency enthusiast and thought leader in the Indian blockchain space. Besides working with some of the biggest brands in the Web3 arena, Octaloop also hosts physical and online events catering primarily to cryptocurrency enthusiasts, professionals, and businesses.

The team is also building Binamite, a solution that gives its users the flexibility to pay or receive payments in their preferred currencies. 

Visit for grabbing your passes to Metamorphosis 2023 – https://metamorphosis.octaloop.com/bengaluru/passes/

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