• 18 June, 2024

Inside Cardano Foundation’s Core Strategic Focus Areas For 2023

The Cardano Foundation has revealed its core focus areas for 2023, which will be operational resilience, education, and adoption. According to the foundation, the goal is to drive the adoption of the Cardano blockchain and make it a base layer for existing and future financial and social systems.

To achieve this goal, the foundation is taking a comprehensive approach, with each focus area comprising multiple aspects that interact with each other.

Operational resilience will involve maintaining and updating the Cardano blockchain to ensure its robustness, reliability, and durability. The foundation believes this will make the blockchain technology an enterprise-critical technology, allowing it to be relied upon by businesses and institutions to run their daily operations.

Education will involve sharing quality information about blockchain and contributing to blockchain education and research. The foundation will provide consultancy to enterprises and institutions and engage with policymakers and regulators to learn their perspectives and share expertise.

Adoption will involve creating the conditions to increase blockchain utility by developing tools and software, open-sourcing them and encouraging participation, leading to a larger pool of developers adding meaningful contributions and combining their expertise to create solutions.

The foundation has also announced several activities that it is undertaking to achieve these focus areas, including the Cardano Improvement Proposals (CIP) program, the Developer Portal, and the Cardano Summit.

The CIP program is driven by the community and offers a unique way for developers to participate in shaping the future of the Cardano blockchain. The Developer Portal provides an opportunity for anyone to join the Cardano technical ecosystem, compiling explanations about blockchain components and technical concepts.

The Cardano Foundation hopes that its focus areas will help increase adoption and drive innovation, establishing the Cardano blockchain as a base layer for financial and social systems. The foundation also invites everyone to reach out with comments or questions through any of its social channels, promising to take the community’s feedback into account in shaping the future of Cardano.

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