23 February, 2024

Internet Computer (ICP) Skyrockets to the Moon with $6.50 Surge over the Weekend

10 months ago

02 Nov, 2023

Internet Computer (ICP) has shown an impressive surge over the weekend as it hit the $6.50 mark, the highest level the cryptocurrency has reached since its second public month. Despite most crypto staying relatively flat, ICP has been able to steadily rise in value.

According to the crypto analyst Santiment, Internet Computer (ICP) is one of the most discussed coins on social media. See the tweet below for more details.

Notably, ICP’s social dominance has increased significantly over the past few days as the coin is being discussed at the highest level. The increasing price  shows the growing interest in the currency, pointing out that it has been gaining wider attention.

The DFINITY Foundation is  the major contribitor of the Internet Computer platform, aiming to reimagine the internet as an infinite smart contract platform. The computer software company’s initiative  would create a blockchain singularity where every system and application would work seamlessly together. To a greater extent, the grand goal of the platform has contributed in attracting the attention of the investors in recent times. 

As more people start to discover the potential of ICP, the market is sure to see more developments in the coming days. The recent reports on the coin issuing Liquid Bitcoin for faster and cheaper BTC transactions has only further cemented its position in the market.

In conclusion, the recent weekend surge by Internet Computers has caught the attention of the crypto world. The coin’s social dominance is rapidly increasing, and more and more people are taking notice.