• 18 June, 2024
Market News

IOTA Identity 1.1 Enhances Online Privacy with Selective Disclosure Feature

IOTA Identity 1.1 significantly advances digital privacy and security, introducing features that enhance user control and data integrity. This update brings forward a leap in managing digital identities tailored to address current challenges in the domain. 

One of the core enhancements in IOTA Identity 1.1 is the support for selective disclosure credentials through the Self-Describing JSON Web Token (SD-JWT) format. This feature allows users to share specific information without exposing their entire identity. For example, verifying age for restricted services now requires no more than the necessary details, sidestepping the full disclosure of personal data. Adopting SD-JWT ensures interoperability and security and upholds privacy by enabling a transparent and reliable verification process.

Furthermore, IOTA Identity 1.1 introduces StatusList2021, a breakthrough in credential revocation schemes. This scalable solution addresses the common scalability and privacy issues in digital credentials management. By utilizing a list structure, StatusList2021 efficiently represents the status of numerous credentials, simplifying the revocation check process. This method significantly reduces the overhead of revocation management, enhancing user experience and system scalability.

These updates in IOTA Identity 1.1 are pivotal for both users and developers. They provide a robust framework for managing digital identities and prioritizing privacy and security. Users gain more control over their personal information, while developers have new tools to create secure, privacy-respecting services. 

Looking at IOTA’s market dynamics today, IOTA is trading on an upward trajectory. IOTA has gained over 3% in the past 24 hours, with the price set at $0.2512 as of this writing. Resistance for IOTA has been observed at $0.2530, while the support level is seen at $0.2400. However, the daily trading volume is declining today, dropping by 25% to $13 million, suggesting a selling pressure in the market.

IOTA/USD price chart: CoinMarketCap

IOTA Identity 1.1 brings forward critical enhancements in digital identity management. Focusing on selective disclosure and efficient revocation schemes addresses significant privacy and security challenges. This update is a testament to IOTA’s commitment to advancing digital identity solutions, offering all a more secure and privacy-conscious online environment. 

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