• 18 June, 2024

According to the Average Dormancy indicator, it appears that long-term holders are selling their coins once again, as was last seen in early 2021. This could signal the end of the bear market and possible price drops to come. Keep an eye on the NVT Golden Cross for further confirmation of this trend.

This leading indicator can help to predict the appearance of a bullish reversal and flag any impending sell-offs. Watching both of these indicators closely could be beneficial in understanding when the market might take a turn for the better.

It is important to remember, however, that nothing is guaranteed in the crypto markets and that past performance does not necessarily indicate future results. It is crucial to do your own research and make informed decisions when trading. With that said, monitoring the Average Dormancy indicator and NVT Golden Cross can be a useful tool for predicting market trends.

Source: CrptoQuant

By keeping an eye on these indicators, savvy traders can get ahead of the competition and potentially position themselves to capitalize on any bullish reversals.  With the right knowledge and insight, traders have a better chance of making informed decisions that could result in profitable trades.   So, pay attention to the Average Dormancy and NVT Golden Cross indicators and watch the market closely.  The end of a bear market could be just around the corner.

End of bear market – Long-term holders selling their coins

The bear market can be said to be ending when the long-term investors, those that have been holding their coins since the peak of the market, decide to cash out and sell their portfolios. This could lead to a sudden price drop as they all hit the market at once.

It’s also important to consider what might happen after the long-term holders sell their coins. If those who remain are still optimistic about the future of cryptocurrency, then we may see a slight increase in prices as more buyers enter the market. Alternatively, if people are pessimistic and decide to keep their investments on the sidelines, then this could lead to further declines in value.

In either case, the market is likely to remain volatile until there is some clear indication of whether or not the bear market is truly over. This could come in the form of increased investment from institutions, increased adoption by mainstream users and businesses, or an influx of positive news stories about cryptocurrency.

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