23 April, 2024

Litecoin and Ethereum Classic Shine in Q3 Crypto Performance Report

29 Sep, 2023

01 Dec, 2023

  • Top performers in Q3, like Litecoin and Ethereum Classic, outpaced market expectations, attracting investor attention.
  • Kaiko’s report unveils Bitcoin Cash’s resurgence, driven by liquidity improvements and growing adoption.
  • ARB emerges as the standout Q3 performer, sparking curiosity with its exceptional performance and potential returns.

In the ever-evolving realm of cryptocurrencies, staying attuned to market trends and performance metrics is an indispensable pursuit for both seasoned investors and those newly venturing into the world of digital assets. Recent revelations through a tweet from Kaiko, a respected cryptocurrency data provider, have cast light upon its Token Liquidity Rankings for the third quarter of this year, offering a compass for navigating the intricate crypto landscape.

The Q3 report from Kaiko showcases tokens that have surpassed expectations in terms of market capitalization. Leading this charge are cryptocurrencies like Litecoin ($LTC), Monero ($XMR), and Ethereum Classic ($ETC). These digital assets have exhibited extraordinary resilience, delivering robust performances compared to their market values, thereby capturing the gaze of investors and enthusiasts alike.

The estimated trading volume, for LTC, in the 24 hours is $238.97 million according to reports. Notably, Litecoin has shown a positive trend in the last 24 hours, with a gain of +2.65%and a circulating supply of 73.71 million LTC tokens.

Monero (XMR) is currently priced at $145.44 showing a decrease of 0.68%, in the day and a 0.43% drop over the past week. The trading volume for Monero in the 24 hours stands at $47.1M supporting its market capitalization of $2,640,879,019. 18 million XMR tokens are currently in circulation.

Ethereum Classic (ETC) is trading at $15.83 when paired with USD, boasting a market capitalization of $2.27 billion USD. ETC’s 24-hour trading volume amounts to $81.61 million USD, and its real-time price in USD allows for precise monitoring. Ethereum Classic has demonstrated positive performance over the last 24 hours, with a gain of +1.68%, and there are 143.25 million ETC tokens in circulation.

As we venture further down the roster of top performers, tokens such as Filecoin ($FIL) and Alpha Token ($APT) have not gone unnoticed, drawing substantial attention. This growing interest hints at the presence of promising opportunities waiting on the crypto horizon for those astute enough to seize them.

In  Kaiko‚Äôs Q3 report,a notable revelation is the remarkable transformation of Bitcoin Cash ($BCH).This transformation indicates enhanced liquidity and market expansion, attributed to developmental upgrades and growing adoption. Claiming the top spot in the rankings is ARB ($ARB), indisputably the standout outperformer of Q3. This cryptocurrency has captured the attention and ignited curiosity among investors and analysts alike with its exceptional performance, promising substantial returns for those who delve into its potential.

Kaiko’s Token Liquidity Rankings for Q3 offer a comprehensive insight into cryptocurrency performance, highlighting the dynamic nature of the crypto realm. As the cryptocurrency landscape continues to evolve, monitoring liquidity rankings remains pivotal for investors navigating this ever-fluctuating market.


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