23 February, 2024

Lookonchain Flags 5 Pepecexwallet.eth Txns of 7.76T $PEPE

10 months ago

01 Nov, 2023

On-chain analyst Lookonchain has reportedly found five crypto wallet addresses related to pepecexwallet.eth that “bought 8.87T $PEPE” at “~0.19 $ETH ($385).” Lookonchain further stated that 7.76T $PEPE tokens were later sold for $1.23M on #DEX to reap approximately $1.23M (3,200x) in profits.

Sharing the breaking news, Lookonchain tweeted:

Lookonchain also shared a graphic image explaining the transactions that took place. 

In a series of tweets, Lookonchain also revealed more details on each of the wallets’ share in the total transaction value and volume. As per Lookonchain, while 0xAd10 purchased and transferred 2.44T $PEPE to 0x9807, 0x9807 transferred 2.5T $PEPE to 0x7607.

Notably, as per the report, Wallet 0x9807 bought 0.06T $PEPE with 0.11 $WETH($230.84) and transferred 2.5T $PEPE to wallet 0x7607.

Further, Lookonchain revealed that 0x7607 bought 1.77T $PEPE and sold 4.26T $PEPE. The page also shared the DeBank profile of the 0x7607 wallet to substantiate their claims.

Lookonchain further stated that after receiving 0.03 $ETH from the 0xAd10 wallet, 0xde85 bought and sold 2.29 trillion and 1.84 trillion $PEPE (for $238,480), respectively.

Lookonchain pointed out  that the wallet 0x9807 then transferred 0.18 $ETH to 0x1984, after which 0x1984 bought 2.31T $PEPE and sold 1.66T $PEPE for $266,991.

Further, Lookonchain wrote that the “remaining 0.65T $PEPE” were transferred to the “pepecexwallet.eth Huobi deposit address.”
Lastly, Lookonchain shared the 5 addresses that “are likely to be some of Pepe‘s internal addresses”, claiming that those are the only  5 addresses having earned $1.23M.