• 23 July, 2024

Messari CEO Unveils Crypto Projections for 2024: A Peek into the Future

In a recent development, Ryan Selkis, the visionary founder and CEO of Messari, unveiled a comprehensive projection for the year 2024 in a recent X post. This expansive report entitled “24 Top Thoughts for 2024,” delves into the intricate details of the crypto landscape and highlights pivotal insights for the upcoming year.


One of the most significant takeaways from Selkis’s revelations is the availability of the Messari Theses for 2024, offered entirely free of cost. Encompassing over 190 pages, this extensive report is accessible upon registering for a free Messari account, presenting a detailed roadmap of anticipated trends and developments within the crypto sphere.

Selkis accentuated the undeniable trajectory of crypto, emphasizing the monumental strides made over the past five years. Despite recent surges, he asserted that Bitcoin (BTC) stands tall as the titan of finance, citing factors such as imminent ETF prospects, mounting institutional adoption, geopolitical support, and a perceived absence of overheating compared to historical cycles.

Source: Image by Ryan Selkis

The CEO advocates for vigilance, proposing a reassessment at a market value to a realized value ratio exceeding 2.0 to gauge the landscape effectively. Moreover, Selkis contrasts Bitcoin’s supremacy with Ethereum (ETH) and hints at potential movements due to mean reversion, anticipating a notable resurgence in ETH.

Within the realm of influential figures, Selkis pointed to individuals and groups shaping the crypto narrative in 2024. From ETF proponents like Cathie Wood and Larry Fink to policy influencers and blockchain adversaries like Elizabeth Warren, the stage is set for a dynamic interplay of forces within the industry.

Intriguingly, Selkis underscored the imperative nature of privacy projects, singling out initiatives like Privacy Pools, Silent Protocol, and ZCash in an ongoing battle to safeguard on-chain privacy rights. Amidst concerns surrounding Tether, the CEO shed light on the nuanced stance of the U.S. government, suggesting a paradoxical fondness for USDT despite apparent hostility towards USDC.

Selkis prophesied a monumental year for entities like Coinbase, envisioning exponential growth, potential mergers and acquisitions, and continued dominance in the crypto realm. As Selkis navigates through predictions and evaluations, one pivotal forecast revolves around the exponential rise of prediction markets, especially in gaming, exploiting the regulatory grey areas globally.

Source: Image by Ryan Selkis

The report culminates in a visionary outlook, foreseeing a burgeoning battle among crypto wallets, poised to elevate crypto from speculative assets to user-friendly, mainstream consumer technology by the year’s end. Selkis’s insights, captured within the Messari Theses for 2024, paint a vivid landscape for the crypto domain, guiding enthusiasts and investors through the tumultuous yet promising year ahead.

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