23 April, 2024

Mike Alfred Finds 10 Million ADA Bought in 2018

26 Aug, 2022

12 Dec, 2023

Mike Alfred, a member of the board of directors for both Iris Energy and Eaglebrook Advisors, recently revealed on Twitter that he had acquired 10 million ADA in 2018.

The tweet reads:

“In 2018, I bought 10,000,000 Cardano tokens and then completely forgot about them. I found them today when I was doing a full audit of my crypto holdings.”

He added, however, that since he does not want to hold ADA, he would be giving away all 10 million of them to one random individual who likes or retweets the post.

Although a number of individuals on Crypto Twitter poke fun at the tweet, there has been no confirmation that Alfred was being serious when he claimed to have that much Cardano. Even Bitcoin author Jason Williams, whose book is titled Bitcoin: Hard Money You Can’t F*ck With, made a copypasta of the tweet, to which Alfred humorously responded: “It’s hurting my feelings that big bad Jason keeps copying my tweets.”

On his Twitter account, Mike Alfred is notorious for making fun of alternative cryptocurrencies (altcoins) such as ETH, ADA, and SOL. Before the Cardano post, Mike Alfred had tweeted that if your primary asset is your home but you don’t own any Bitcoin (BTC), you will almost certainly be significantly poorer in three years when compared to someone whose primary asset is Bitcoin but who doesn’t own a home.

He once tweeted also that:

“Solana is broken. Ethereum gas fees are so high that it’s essentially unusable. Cardano is going to zero. Meanwhile, Bitcoin issues a new block every 10 minutes like clockwork. This isn’t rocket science, folks.”


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