• 19 June, 2024

Nebeus Partners with Visa to Introduce Crypto-Backed Debit Cards

Nebeus, the “Financial app for Crypto Hodlers,” announced the launch of the first Nebeus Card, a VISA-backed payment card that can be used in all European markets. This action brings Nebeus to the forefront as its robust cryptocurrency platform begins to gain ground among competing crypto banks.

Bridging the fintech gap

Based in Barcelona, Nebeus is a firm that specializes in bridging the crypto and conventional finance sectors using a financial framework that includes personal EU IBANs and UK Sort code accounts for consumers, all of which are linked to a complete crypto ecosystem.

All Nebeus’ banking services are included with the debit card, and users also gain access to Visa’s extensive payment network.  Nebeus debit users can now receive salaries, send money to third parties, and seamlessly link their crypto holdings to their Nebeus crypto accounts to their traditional counterparts.

“With this, Nebeus reaches another level of integration and offers a solid connection of everyday payments with superior crypto services. It is a significant accomplishment for us and the most recent illustration of the enormous complementarity between the current banking system and digital assets,” said Michael Stroev, COO and Head of Product at Nebeus.

Stroev also detailed his intentions to add support for mobile payments via Apple Pay and Google Pay to the debit card. In addition, the Nebeus COO stated that a physical debit card will be available later in the year.

The debit card accepts all GBP and Euro currencies and is accepted at 80 million Visa outlets worldwide. To further cement the bond between the crypto and fiat worlds, Nebeus intends to introduce a credit line that would enable users to make international payments without liquidating their cryptocurrency holdings.

Last year, Nebeus announced a partnership with payment platform Modulr, allowing it to expand its crypto lending operations across the UK and Europe. The partnership added fiat accounts, payments, and cards for Nebeus’ crypto lending app.

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