• 22 June, 2024

Northern Data AG Enhances Tech Portfolio with EUR 575 Million Financing

Northern Data AG, a prominent player in the technology sector, has recently secured a substantial debt financing facility amounting to EUR 575 million from a company affiliated with the Tether Group. This unsecured loan, adhering to standard market conditions, is set to mature on January 1, 2030. The influx of capital is expected to bolster Northern Data Group’s investment capabilities across its diversified business segments, namely Taiga Cloud, Ardent Data Centers, and Peak Mining.

The company has announced plans to allocate the newly acquired funds towards the procurement of sophisticated hardware. This strategic investment is intended to enhance the capabilities of its Taiga Cloud business line, positioning the company as a frontrunner in the European Generative Artificial Intelligence Cloud Service Provider landscape.

In addition to hardware acquisition, the financing is earmarked for the expansion of the Group’s data center portfolio via Ardent Data Centers, as well as enhancing the operational efficiency of existing facilities. The company is also set to scale its Bitcoin mining operations, integrating cutting-edge, liquid-cooling mining technology through Peak Mining, its dedicated mining business.

This financial maneuver follows earlier revelation of Tether’s involvement in a $420 million transaction centered around artificial intelligence chips and a Bitcoin crypto mining firm involving Northern Data. Tether also procured 100,000 Nvidia H100 GPUs, representing approximately 2% of Nvidia’s total GPU shipments for the year, on behalf of Northern Data. The strategic acquisition granted Tether a 20% stake in Northern Data.

The transaction, however, was conducted indirectly, with Tether utilizing Damoon, an Irish shell company owned by Northern Data. Northern Data is set to hold a 70% stake in Damoon and has the potential to acquire the remaining shares, though the financial implications of such a move remain undisclosed.

Aroosh Thillainathan, CEO of Northern Data, elucidated the transaction’s complexities, stating that direct procurement of the chips from Nvidia was not feasible due to the rapid depletion of the chip manufacturer’s inventory. This necessitated Tether’s direct involvement in the acquisition.

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