• 16 July, 2024
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Ondo Finance Unveils Ondo Global Markets for Tokenized Financial Securities

Ondo Finance, a pioneering DeFi project known for its innovative tokenized U.S. Treasuries products, recently announced a groundbreaking initiative named Ondo Global Markets. This new venture aims to merge the liquidity of traditional financial markets with the flexibility of digital assets. 

Ondo Global Markets is set to offer tokens that represent ownership in securities, with the underlying assets safeguarded by conventional custody services. These tokens will facilitate on-chain trading, while transactions such as transfers will be executed off-chain through broker-dealers and custodians.

Nathan Allman, the founder and CEO of Ondo Finance, expressed enthusiasm about leading the charge in the realm of asset tokenization. In an exclusive comment, Allman discussed the potential applications of this technology, such as using tokenized securities as collateral within on-chain financial ecosystems. He emphasized the unchanged nature of settlement times, which adhere to the traditional “T+2” model, albeit with an innovative on-chain layer for continuous operation.

The concept of tokenizing securities, particularly the U.S. Treasury, has gained significant momentum since 2022, which can be attributed largely to a surge in interest rates. With the successful introduction of Ondo’s tokenized treasury products on the Ethereum blockchain in January 2023, the company has seen its flagship product, OUSG, achieve a market capitalization of $120.6 million, per coingecko data.

The challenge of liquidity in tokenizing real-world assets has been a focal point for Ondo. The company initially concentrated on assets with inherent liquidity, such as U.S. Treasuries, to facilitate their use as collateral in decentralized finance (DeFi). This approach contrasts with earlier efforts that targeted illiquid assets, which, despite providing direct access to certain opportunities, did not foster a conducive environment for secondary market development.

The recent development follows the announcement of a partnership between Ondo Finance and the Aptos Foundation, focusing on the fusion of blockchain technology with real-world financial assets. The collaboration commenced by integrating Ondo’s tokenized U.S. Treasuries product, USDY, into the Aptos blockchain. This move laid the groundwork for developing innovative financial products.

The initiative seeks to leverage the distinct advantages of both Ondo Finance and the Aptos Foundation. It plans to broaden the availability of USDY, a product already accessible on Ethereum, Solana, and Mantle, by introducing it to the Aptos blockchain. Aptos is celebrated for its Move programming language, which is specifically tailored for creating secure and flexible financial applications.

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